Personal B/vlogs

Is there any interest at all from the community in TR user blogs/vlogs, e.g. detailing their training, approach, etc.

Or is the TR forum kinda like everyone’s blog mashed into one place?

Just thinking out loud…I’ll stop now. :persevere:

I’d be very interested in vlogs especially.

I look on youtube every now and again and there isn’t a great deal of content from users on there that i can actually sit and watch that i haven’t already.

I get most of my social media fix from looking through Instagram TR tags!

I’m curious what people would find interesting to watch?

There was a few videos by someone, i think it was BigVeganJeff or something like that where he was doing the workouts to see if they did actually work and i found them interesting and entertaining to see the ups and downs that he had following them.

If somebody had a goal event, they could vlog the process from start to finish, similar to the thread about what progress people have seen by using TR. Start with picking the plans, explaining what the goal is, and then there could be like a weekly recap on what worksouts have been done - failures etc. Could be a discussion on what equipment they’re using perhaps.

I find stuff like that motivational. Say i’ve had a rough couple workouts where i just can’t hit the numbers or i really struggle through, watching someone else struggle or succeed can be motivational to me.

I’m sure i heard that there was a TR documentary coming out too, which i’m excited for - may be imagining that though!

Hopefully this makes sense… Kind of a brain dump!

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Thanks for the detailed info.

Sorry to inform you, but the TT documentary that was planned by TR had been canned. They had some issues that lead to excessive cost, so they dropped the video.

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Oh no :frowning:

Thanks for the heads up though!

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I’m glad to have learned this as I’ve been waiting for it, too!

In the mean time, here are a few other vids on people preparing for TTs which you may find interesting, two from TR and one by Oliver Bridgewood (now of GCN):


I actually started vlogging earlier this year as I was preparing for the Leadville Trail 100 MTB and have kept it going since. Feel free to check it out if you’re bored, it’s always a work in progress!