Starting TrainerRoad Soon

Excited to get started. I have been following the TR podcasts and YouTube videos since I started cycling almost a year ago. Most cycling has been indoors and somewhat random on other apps. They have things that help me stay focused and motivated but as I grow more accustomed to it I find I need them less and less.

I’m not a stranger to structured training having played regional basketball in the Uk as a teen, weight training mid 20s and Olympic weightlifting With coach for the past 4 years and to be honest I miss it. The methodical and progressive approach, goals and review was something I thrived in. Not to mention getting a fell deeper understanding of why I was doing things. Which has lead me here.

Current Ftp 225 as a 36yr old 90kg 5’11 guy, with no, I repeat NO history of endurance training. I can peak 1400w, 1250 for 5 secs and over 500 for 30 secs but ask me to sustain an effort and I cower at the thought.

My goal, crits (Uk) and track, Keirin, kilo, bit of everything really, and to be just competitive enough to enjoy them. Being dropped after 5 mins is not fun lol

Anyway, I’m excited to get started, although I will need to wait for the end of the month before I can sign up, unless anyone has a referral code, wink wink.

In the mean time, any tips or useful things I can do or think about while I wait. Currently finishing off the zwift acadamy series of workouts.

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