Is anybody else insanely glad that the holidays and NY are over?

All I want for Christmas is for it to be over so I can get back to normal life, work, and training.


Yep. I’ve turned into a fat drunk over the holidays. We have lots of extended family here and just moved into a new house. I’ll be glad when everyone is gone by tomorrow and I can get back to a normal schedule and all the baking and booze is diminished.

It’s been fun but far from productive. ha


I just want the routine back, regular sleep hours, food, etc.
Yes you don’t have to be a glutton over the holidays, but being a guest in others homes, and not having your regular routine does a number on your body.



I welcome the return to my daily grind.

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I’m a big kid so I’m sorry it’ll be over for me tomorrow morning :confused:

That said, I do plan Christmas into my season training.


I to am glad it’s over…My holiday indulgence is over, and I made it through without any weight gain, or missed training… Feel accomplished. Now, I am planning for and expecting a great 2020, so I’m glad it is about to start.


Heck no!!

I take the time off of work and go nuts riding longer and extending gym workouts. Less traffic on roads and fewer people on trails too as they are off doing holiday things.

Along with actually seeing my wife more than in passing, the week before Xmas and after NYD are awesome!!!

I’m texting my boss today seeking an extension…




Spot on!


I am. I friggin’ love my routine. I’m not opposed to having fun on the weekends lol. Just that everything around Christmas / New Years seems forced to me. Anyway it didn’t disturb my training sessions themselves one bit but perhaps my recovery. Driving back home at 2am in the morning on 4 hours of sleep from day before and sleeping 6 hours after that doesn’t cut it. Gonna have to make up with some day naps.

Simple answer is YES.

Yep! Love getting back into the regular routine. Plus up here in the northeast, we’ve probably only got 4 more months of winter -time to go all in on a couple of base/build blocks until nice weather & prime mtb/race season arrive. Then drop the indoor volume to get outside & use the fitness I’ve been building.

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I hate you

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New York is over?

um… checking… looking… nope… NY is still here!

tsk tsk… too hard to type out New Year! :stuck_out_tongue:

NY is over? No, it’s not (house full of people coming to eat and drink).
Monday 6th, we’re back into real life. In the meantime, I really do enjoy turning the brain off. Next week I’ll start worrying again.

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Lolololol. Love you too. :sunglasses::v:

Yeah, I’m not a fan of the holidays.

From a grouchy point of view, anything we do that requires the excuse of the holidays probably isn’t worth doing at all.

But flipping it around and looking at it from the optimist’s point of view, anything worth doing during the holidays can probably be done throughout the year, to better effect.


In past years I’ve dreaded the holidays for all the reasons mentioned above. I would just try to coast through and just ended up stressed.

But this year I tried to embrace it. Spend time with family, friends, neighbors, etc and take it all in. Sure, the temptation to have a few too many is there, but it’s also a good time to work on that will power. :slight_smile:

The motivation to get back and settle into a routine is a good thing I’m also looking forward to it.

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I’m sure this won’t get much love, but I’ve discovered, or have come to believe that Scrooge wasn’t such a bad guy, after all.

I mean, when I was a kid, I couldn’t understand why anyone would hate Christmas. Now, as an adult, it totally makes sense.

I love the idea of Christmas, but the commercial/marketing of Christmas is nauseating.

New Years is just stupid, unless you’re in your 20’s, in which case it’s ok to be stupid.

In short, Jan 2nd is my favorite day of the year.


I don’t dislike the holidays but I recently posted a rant on holiday travel. This year was bad in that I got sick and spent 4 days off the bike (I rode today at sweet spot but it felt terrible and I did 2/3 of carillon +2). I like the eating and traditions but hate how my idea of fun gets disrupted to conform to others idea of fun. For example I go to a gym to ride stages spin bikes when visiting in-laws and they know I ride a lot but I’m sure they think it’s insane for someone to spend 2hrs exercising

Anyhow, I’m feeling especially grumpy this year because I had a good thing going during ssb2 hv and I’ve gone back to square one because of being sick visiting people