Is a ramp test pause, restart Possible

I was doing a ramp test today using my kickr and feeling great- then i knocked my phone off of my desk and made the mistake of unlicpping to get it. The trainer was trying to give 300 watts of resistance with a zero cadence- getting back up to a reasonable cadence just about wiped me and I ended up with an ftp drop. If this happens again, is there any way to restart the test with a light enough resistance to get my cadence back up?

I doubt it, because it would interrupt the test protocol - I.e. the unintended rest you got (however brief) would skew the result, since the ramp test is all about cumulative effort until you can’t go any longer.


Yep…if I had to stop a ramp test, even for 5-10 secs then test invalid I’m afraid…unless maybe in first 5-6 mins. Certainly if after say 8-9 mins in then afraid test is a write off and retest following day.


If you were in ERG Mode you could have just carried on without the screen :grinning:.


20 minutes in, I was too stupid to make that decision- live and learn.

20 minutes is already on the plus side no ?