Resistance drop during ramp test Cadence?

Using Pioneer Power meter, Saris H3 and a Garmin Cadence pickup. In the last few minutes of the Ramp Test my cadence will drop to maybe 20rpm and then my H3 just loses all resistance for a couple of seconds until(I assume) my cadence picks back up again and then the resistance kicks back in. I have done previous Ramp Test with this combo and not had a problem. There is no indication within the Ramp Test that something is wrong. Obviously my FTP must be effected.
Any ideas how to track down the problem?

Probably need to share your test via web link here for us to review more than your comments.

If you suspect a tech related issue, you are probably best to contact so they can dig in much deeper than we can with a surface review of the ride info.

I’ll try the forum first… ): BTW, Checked the batteries of the Pioneer Power meter says they are good.
Never tried sharing a test before
Check out from 18 minutes
Please let me know if I did this correctly.

Link may be good, but your account is set to “Private”, so we can’t see the actual info.

Sorry, It is now public. Let the shaming begin :slight_smile:

No shaming involved.

From a quick first pass, I would think you simply burned your candle and pushed well past the point they recommend stopping. There is a notable and slow decay in cadence (starting around 16 mins into the test), much like we see from a typical ERG mode test. I have a similar drop although it is over a slightly shorter period.

From memory, they mention around 60rpm as the time to cut your losses and call it quits. Grinding down to 30rpm or less seems like it would be very taxing. It’s possible you rode it to the point the trainer and/or app hit a “reset” to temporarily lower resistance, allowing you to spin up and then it would reapply resistance.

Looks like you got up to about 80rpm before instantly starting to degrade cadence again back to the 30s, rinse and repeat. Props for sticking with it, but it seems like you were done and should have just hit the pause button (manual or just stop pedaling depending on your app settings) and called it a day.

Do you feel this was a “malfunction” and that you were still rolling along with more to go?

Thanks for looking at it. I was kidding about the shaming. I am just about 70 yrs old with many,many operations etc so just being able to ride the bike is fine with me, just don’t wanna repeat the Ramp Test ! I felt like my heart rate, lung capacity was still there a little bit, but the power was gone. I have been off the bike(yet again!) since last March except for a few rides lately so maybe you are correct. I checked another ramp test from the past and it was normal. I think I will change my cadence source to the H3 and see it that works. All in all, my FTP shows about a six percent drop from last March, which seems about correct.
Thanks for the help. I will continue with a Sweet Spot plan, any hardware problems should rear its ugly head if that is the problem. I still want to blame hardware for low FTP even if it is a fantasy :slight_smile: :flushed:

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6% is totally reasonable, great in fact.

Like resuming workouts after any test, be mindful of the efforts in how they should feel vs how the actually feel. If you have a good guess that the FTP is not correct, adjust it manually up or down a bit and resume training.

Sounds like you have a good perspective and plan ahead. Just plug away with some workouts and see how it all goes. Good luck ahead :smiley:

Thanks for taking the time to help! It is much appreciated.
Take the rest of the night off :slight_smile:

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You are welcome.

  • “Work” is almost over.
  • After the drive home, I have Tunnabora on the workout agenda, so looking forward to some SS fun :stuck_out_tongue: