Irritated meniscus, what should I do to maintain cardio?

I’m planning to take 6-8 weeks off from strenuous workouts, wondering what I can do in the mean time to maintain my cardio? Has anyone come back from meniscus problems and what did you do? How are you now?

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Interested in this as well – distant hx of meniscus tears recently aggravated on a hike/run on vacation. Feel like I’m going into cardio withdrawals…

Swim and use a pull buoy to make sure your legs are isolated and not kicking.

What others have said as well as…

I’ve had menicus tears on both of my knees in separate years. The second time I had just started crossfit (crossfit did not contribute to this issue). I worked with my PT and the gym owner to do the strength portion of rehab at Crossfit.

If you can find your way to a SkiErg it was incredible. You mainly use your upper body/abs with only a slight bend in your knees. It was a big help to me during my recovery and my ability to maintain a good deal of cardio fitness. Good luck.

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