Sidelined with knee injury, what else can I do for exercise?

Hi, all. I’m awaiting an MRI for what I believe is a torn meniscus. I’ve been off the bike for more than a few weeks and the pain is still bothering me to the same extent it was over a month ago. I’m getting restless, what else can I do to get my heart rate up and break a sweat that doesn’t involve my legs?

Do you have access to a ski-erg?

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Yes, wholeheartedly can recommend this. Bought mine for same reason (different injury), although arrived late at that time. But now it is firmly planted into overall fitness plan (3x30min/week → 5x30min/week). Currently low intensity (HR Z2) but once ligaments and tendons feel strong enough, will start doing some VO2max efforts as well.

Also, as side bonus, it takes very little floor room (60x120cm) .

Happened to me.
Work on pedaling with 1 leg ?
Things like upper body strength. More reps, sit ups ect.

Pre-hab your knee. Sounds weird but strengthening all the muscles around the knee will yield dividends down the road

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X2 on swimming….but would advise using a swim buoy to isolate your leg movement.

Suggest checking with your doc on anything else.

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