Give me your torn meniscus stories

I’ve been a TrainerRoad user for 6 years now, first as a triathlete and now as a road and cyclocross racer. I’m 27 years old, female and work a pretty physical job. I tore my meniscus at work in November. I finally was able to have an ortho look at it today after several weeks of physical therapy then finally an MRI and X-rays. Surgery seems like the way to go… I’m only 27 and would like to have good knees as long as I can, so no issue there. But 4 weeks on crutches and then another month after that before he said he would even let me TOUCH a bike on a trainer. That hit home. I’d like to believe with my age and fitness level, plus being an endurance athlete for years, (cross country in high school and a couple marathons before I turned 18), and being fairly nutrition conscious…maybe there’s a chance my recovery won’t take as long. Two months away from the bike is longer than I’ve been away from riding in several years. Anyone else have any experience with this? Give me some hope!

I tore most of the meniscus in my right knee when I was 16. I had two surgeries for fixing it and both times I tried to rush recovery(as 16 year olds do) and it was an excruciatingly painful experience both times. I couldn’t even get any sympathy for it!

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I tore mine about 2yrs ago (aged 35) a medial tear with a cyst. my specialist considered surgery but ultimately advised against it as he said at my age it would be better to manage it but did put conditions on

He advised 12mths of no impact exercise (running jumping etc) ok to cycle but not the mountain bike as he was worried about me coming off.

I ignored him, went mountain biking a few mths later as I thought it had healed and reinjured it. This put me back a bit

Now, I’m building up on TR on the road bike, the occasional mtb and running around with my kids. Occasionally it tightens up but I am working on this with my osteo to improve my flexibility to reduce the loads of tight muscles pulling on it

So far this process is working for me but it has taken time. Recovery is important and you can’t rush it as the knee is such an important joint. I looked at it like this. I was sidelined for about 12mths, but only cause I went back too early and re injured it. If I had waited and not ridden I guess I would of been back 3-4mths earlier.

Hope this helps, and good luck for a speedy recovery which ever eay you go