Ironman moo 5 weeks out

Ok so I am in a little dilemma and am wondering what to do? I am 5ish weeks out from ironman Wisconsin . This will be my 6th ironman and 4th wisconsin ironman. I have been on vacation for the last week from 8/1 to 8/8 and have only gotten two run workouts in totaling 10.5 miles. The sunday before vacation i completed a half im in 4:27. My goal is to be around 10 hrs. I am doing the mid volume specialty with barry p running. Do I just jump back in when i get home? Thanks - getting a little anxious as i ate and drank unhealthy on vacation

Hey @luke3453,

This article should be helpful in determining where you should jump back into your plan:


Thanks Bryce! Looks like I will just hop right back into it once I am back tomorrow.