Ironman Day Licence/Medical Insurance

hi there,

I’ve been using TrainerRoad to build up to my first overseas race, the Mallorca 70.3 Half Ironman.

Previously I have simply raced in the UK on a very cheap bike, so a combined self-insurance/reliance on the NHS has worked well, not that I’ve needed either!

However, racing overseas raises the question of medical cover, as I believe most travel insurance does not cover accidents incurred from racing. As I’m not a member of the BTF, Ironman note I must purchase a day licence on the day (EUR22), however nowhere can I seem to find any info on exactly what this covers me for? I assume there’s no bike insurance on that and that’s ok, but I would be keen to know what medical insurance (if any) that day licence provides - hospital treatment, repatriation (gulp)? I have reached out to Ironman and they have as yet not responded to me.

Does anyone have any experience/tips here - just want to make sure I’m fully covered for the worst case scenario.


I had to book and pay for a medical examination before competing in France…it was much cheaper and easier to buy full BTF membership instead, over the phone! :slightly_smiling_face:

ah yes I’ve had that with the Paris half marathon - but that’s just to enter it right?

I’m all entered here, no medical required. I’m actually more looking at if I have a crash on the bike for example, and I need to be scraped up off the tarmac and shipped off to hospital - does this Ironman day licence cover me for that, and if so, to what extent am I covered?

Don’t forget your EHIC which should ensure your treatment is free, or cheaper for your insurance to pick up.

I presume we’ll still be part of the EU for your race…

I wouldn’t presume anything when it comes to that shower.

Drop Ironman Mallorca an email, those teams are pretty fast at responding to queries.

No it wasn’t checked at entry, I found out when I arrived in Aizx en Provence the day before the race and had to sort it out then.

The license to race is just a license to race I believe, it’s not any form of insurance.