Iron Knob - really?

First they came for the Knobs, then they came for the Dicks, then they came for the Johnsons, and finally they came for the Butt[e]s. And they got the Tetons somewhere along the way too.

(OK, I don’t know if there ever were any Teton workouts. But there aren’t now!)

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The knobs are erosional remnants of the Pennyroyal Plateau and, as such, they are the humid equivalent of small mesas and buttes found on the Colorado Plateau.

From: Geology and Landscape Evolution (Second Edition), 2018

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TR team, I disagree. We’re not runners, but this is a treadmill. Stop wasting time pandering to political correctness, and concentrate on features. Either adding them or removing them.


TR is a private entity. They can do what they want…

You like the knob name although some people find it offensive? Well, clone the workout and use the name you like.

TR trying to play nice with it users is not politically motivated, it them trying to be nice.

Suggesting otherwise is just politically charged


Knob’s more childish than rude in the UK. It’s the kind of thing that might cause a smirk and a bit of piss taking if a bald person does a workout called Bald Knob (as described above…), but no more than that. Not really a proper insult - I don’t see any Pricks, Dicks or Cocks in the database, which are much ruder terms for the same thing… even if they also have totally innocuous meanings as well.

Certainly nothing like Squaw.

Edit - there are lots of Dicks in the database, titter titter


Long live the knobs.

As a brit, I was blissfully unaware of the Squaw slur, respect for making that right.

But don’t deny us our knobs! Door knobs, bed knobs, volume knobs…

Let’s hope two other completely legitimate words like ‘Mountain’ or ‘Peak’ are never deemed vulgar slang or power match may never work properly! :wink:


The database is full of Dicks!

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Haha oh yeah! I’ve even done some Dicks :zipper_mouth_face:

Anyway that’s much ruder than Knob. Both are just silly though.

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TR fast-tracking a change for this means all of the other features we are all waiting for, are pushed back. I find that offensive


Renaming something is not the same as releasing new features.

If you don’t know the difference there is nothing I can do for you.

I personally don’t find knob offensive. But i can’t care less for the name. For all i know call them By a numeric name…like TR vo2 max 1… I don’t care, as long as in not an slur. And neither should anyone.


Luckily nobody is asking you to “do” anything for them!

You may personally not care about the name. But TR obviously did when they named the workouts after real world areas / climbs / races. Other people may care too.

Thats really great how you’ve illustrated to the rest of us that you personally don’t care about the names. Very zen.

Other people do.

Lets change the name of “Disaster” to “Difficult Workout 10” because I had a disaster in my life once and now the word triggers me.

Please don’t rename “bald knob” :sob:

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Totally, it’s unlikely to be a developer working on a new feature that changes workout names, if it is I hope they are talented enough to do a find and replace or update statement, and the development (?) time is completely different

Totally agree about the names though, don’t find they add anything for me (apart from knob jokes from riding friends) as if I am looking for a workout I look at the filters, as the name doesn’t help in any way, if I create my workout it would be 2*30 @ SS + 30 endurance, rather than Spruce +2

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Per Ivy, we don’t need to head further off topic than what affects TR workout names. So let’s drop the non-TR related discussion please.


I think the frustrating thing is that names and history and culture is the spice of life.

This doesn’t mean I think that nothing should be changed. Just that we are very careful about how we do it because lawyers and stakeholders will water everything down to profit. Anything that could possibly be used against anyone is deleted.

Not sure this is sustainable. Nor do I think it’s good for humans in the long term.

Can’t believe you changed the workout names because of one iron…

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This discussion is a weird knob to die on.


Do we need to use slicks or can we still use knobby tires?


They say sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but that obviously went right over your head…

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My eyes can’t roll harder at the people calling other people woke. All because a private company is doing something they don’t like because reasons. Not good reasons, mind you. They just don’t like it.

How does a name change affect ANYTHING when it comes to the Wo? Are you here for Wo names or for the workouts.

The amount of people affected by names changes is an absolute 0.
Move on people.