iPad Not Picking up Bluetooth Power - Zwift Does

I’m using a Spinner Chrono Power bike to complete all of my rides. I’ve had no problem connecting it to my computer and android phone via Ant+. Today I gave it a try on my ipad using the bikes bluetooth connectivity. In Zwift, the bike quickly came up and was able to connect both power and cadence. However, when I tried to connect TrainerRoad to my ipad, it would not connect with my ipad. Because zwift is picking up the power/cadence, i know the devices can talk, and there’s just something thats keeping TR from talking with the bike. Any ideas on how to bridge this connection? I prefer using TR for my workouts, and the ease of connecting an iPad is very appealing vs the small screen on my phone.

Bluetooth generally allows just one connection between an app and device, unless you know that device supports multiple connections, which is a newer feature. There is a good chance either your PC or your phone or your Zwift app on your Ipad are connected to the bike at the time you are trying to connect to trainerroad. you need to force close those apps or other connections.

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Great idea, and something I hadn’t thought of. Just gave it a go however, and no luck. After 3 attempts and TR timing out, i closed it and opened Zwift and it picked it up right away… hmm…

I recommend getting in touch with the support team. They’ll be able to walk you through multiple device connections, see whats amiss, and help walk you through some troubleshooting steps to isolate the BLE issue!
You can email them (support@trainerroad.com), or submit a request online. Helpful information to include is your TrainerRoad username, the devices you’re using, and the method of connecting you’re having trouble with while using Zwift. :v:

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