Trainerroad and Zwift

I know there is alot of threads about this already, but I cant find any info regarding my question. Can I run Trainerroad on my iphone with my kickr as controllable and my Garmin Vector 3s power meter running power and Zwift on my ipad running the Kickr for power and cadence? I tried it for a couple of minutes earlier and it looked like it worked fine. Trainerroad was controlling erg during the workout and Zwift was just responding to the watt and cadence.

No problem with that setup

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Have read that some says that it could be a problem that the Kickr is conneced to both Trainerroad and Zwift. Both is connected using Bluetooth. No ant+.

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I run this setup sometimes with Vector 3s and Tacx Neo 2.0 - TR on phone and Zwift on Apple TV. Using Bluetooth for all of this can be a bit glitchy. I have better luck running Ant+ to TR on a computer and Zwift on an Apple device (iPad or Apple TV) using Bluetooth.

I think there is a longer forum discussing the pros and cons of more variations.

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Just make sure trainer is not connected as controllable in Zwift and i think you should be golden. Any reason why you just dont connect vectors to ant+ on zwift? I think that wold give you more instant response. At least that is the case for my direto vs pedals in Zwift


I dont have a ant+ dongle. Only reason Im just connecting through bluetooth.

i wouldnt pair a BT device to different software. if you only have bluetooth i would pair my «most important» and ERG to TR and the other to zwift

If I run Zwift and TR on my laptop with two ant+ dongles everything works perfectly fine. I can choose which program controls the Kickr and can use my power meter on both no problems. If I try running TR on my laptop ant+ and Zwift on my iPhone Bluetooth I get constant Kickr dropouts on TR. It took me a little while to figure it out, it’s definitely when I use Bluetooth, my Kickr doesn’t like running Bluetooth and ant+ simultaneously. Ant+ = problem free for me

Im running TR in my iPhone via bluetooth and Zwift in my Microsoft Surface with the Ant+ toggle; both power source is my Kickr. No problems with a free ride in Zwift controlled by the TR workout.

Question: How can I import to TR a Zwift race (.fit file) just to get all my data in TR for records purposes?

Linking your Zwift account to Strava, and then your TR account to Strava, will pull in your Zwift rides directly into TR automatically.

If you want to do it manually, you should be able to follow the import steps:

Many thanks, Chad!

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