Interest in a Magsafe out front mount for indoor rides?

I’m considering creating these as a product and wanted to see if anyone else would be interested in buying one if I do. Cost is looking like it’ll land around $50-$75 - it will be an all aluminum construction and not require the Apple Magsafe charger. Would probably only be good for indoor rides given the magnet’s strength.

This isn’t a pre-order or anything, really just looking to see if enough people would be into it that it’s worth my time to put this together.


I would look at it and have some interest for sure. But honestly at +$50 it would be a tough sell for me. While it would be nice to have MagSafe to make it easier to mount the phone - the current cheapy mount with rubber bands around the corners to hold it in place does the job.

My first thought was “oooh, that’s a good idea.” This was followed pretty quickly by “I don’t need it bad enough to pay that much”.

I wanted something for the car and spin bikes at the gym, although I’m already using a Garmin mount in the gym (adhesive quarter turn mount on back of phone case).

Went looking and in case you haven’t seen these:

The case is pretty thin.

The magnetic only car vent mounts:

Something like that could be adapted to the spin bike at the gym.

KOM cycling stick on mount $12.99 on Amazon + a piece of scrap metal = job done!

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