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Hi - Perhaps this is someplace else already in the forum - if so I apologize. Do folks have a recommendation for an inexpensive smartphone (iPhone 5 for me) handlebar or stem holder? Thank you.

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The wife and I use this:

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Quad lock - best system ever.

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It really is. They are an initiating company in that they don’t sell on amazon and $35 for a new case is preposterous, but they are pretty darn good.

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Since he has an iPhone 5 and looking for “inexpensive”, I’m guessing he doesn’t need the “best system ever”. Probably just needs to hold it for indoor workouts and that can be done for $10-$15

Have the one mentioned in the first reply and works good for indoor work. Holds my iphone 6s plus

I use an older iPhone 5c with this one:

TaoTronics Phone Holder for Bike, Bike Phone Mount Holder, Bicycle Cradle for iPhone 4s 5s 6s 7 8 Plus X Gaxlxy S6 S7, GPS and Other Devices

I used to have it on the handlebar, but started clamping it to my k-edge so it would be in the center.

You could try this Looks pretty cool imho

I have this. Works great on the trainer. The adjustable angle of the phone is a nice feature.

If it’s just for indoor use, tacx sell a sweat protector that also holds your smartphone


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GUB G-83. 10 USD, neat and stable.

Rubber band looped over the phone and under the bars. Stable, easy to adjust and remove, free…

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