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I think just sorting Progression Level :arrow_down: instead of :arrow_up: from the workouts page would create that consistency, yeah? Want to make sure I know precisely what you’re referring to, or you’d like to see that option in Workout Alternates as well?

That is when you look at it from the web. The issue shows when you look at it from the mobile app at the least (need to check PC/Mac).

When you look at the currently scheduled workout on mobile, and then select the “Alternates” tab, all the offerings are listed from highest to lowest Progression Level.

  1. First, this is the opposite “default” condition compared to showing from lowest to highest on the web, so that is inconsistent at the least.

  2. Second, it is not possible to sort that “Alternates” list within the mobile app when looking at alternates for the scheduled workout. We have no control whatsoever in that window, so the inverted sorting is inconsistent and not adjustable.




There’s no option to change on the App.

Note, the “Achievable” options 6.0->5.6->5.4, the “Productive” 6.6->6.9->6.9

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Also, what the heck sort of riding have you been doing miss 21.4 :hushed: :rofl:


After using this for a couple of weeks to replace my scheduled workouts with longer alternates, a feature request I have is to have the option to schedule an alternate alongside the original workout (instead of just replacing it), for those instances when there are no available alternates. For example, I have Saddle Mountain (60 min) scheduled, but the only alternates I get are Gold Hill, Costilla, and Salado, which are all also 60 minutes. Since I can’t switch my original workout for a longer one, I’d like to be able to schedule one of the available ones (or perhaps something else recommended by TrainNow) for immediately after Saddle Mountain.

Any specific reason why a workout would have no alternates?

I noticed Dremsel Log In to TrainerRoad (a 90 min sweetspot workout with a PL 5.1) has got no alternates listed (Android or browser) for any duration or category (Achievable, Productive etc.). I wanted to sub it for a 2hr version since it looks like I might not get outdoors this weekend.

It’s clear from my plan I am meant to have an Achievable SS workout this weekend, so I can obviously just select a 2hr one with a ~5.1 PL from the catalogue myself, but I was just wondering if this is an error, or if there is a specific training-related reason this one doesn’t have alternates (in which case I’d like to know it!).

Did you have the workout set to Outdoors at the time? Alternates aren’t available for Outdoor workouts, but if you set the workout back to indoors, Alternates should show up.

Hi - nope. I’ll be doing it inside - was always planning to, so sorry for the confusion :slight_smile: . It’s just I would normally do 1 TR indoor plus 1 outdoor (unstructured) ride at the weekend, but it looks like the unstructured one is off the cards so I wanted to make my TR one harder.

I just don’t see any alternates for that workout, and can’t make any selections:

On the Android app, all the duration options are greyed out and can’t be selected. This workout just doesn’t seem to have any alternates at all.

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Dremsel doesn’t have any alternatives for some reason.

Yes, but why :smiley:


a) it’s a bug and can be fixed


b) there’s some reason for it, in which case it would be good to understand what it is before I go changing it (not that it’ll probably stop me).

Is it just me? I’m not seeing a ‘Replace’ option when viewing alternates within TR on the website. Not sure why it wouldn’t be an option given it’s there in Win10 and Android apps

I don’t think it’s available on the web, but only on the apps.

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Interesting, now that I check it doesn’t for me either! That’s definitely a bug of some kind and I’ll relay it to the team. Most likely it has to do with how this workout is categorized under the hood, as there should be many alternates available for this particular style of Sweet Spot workout.

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Correct, as of now, it is only possible to replace in the apps, not the web.

I fully support adding that function on the web. It would be great to have the same functionality no matter the portal you are using.


Dremsel has been fixed and should now have Alternates!


That was fast :+1:

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Awesome cheers :slight_smile:

Especially given that as part of the release for the Android app recently it was stated:

“Control and manage your training calendar entirely from the app without needing to head to the desktop app or the web”


Here’s another workout with no alternative at all…


It’s in the full distance triathlon LV plan.

I’d suggest someone goes over this plan as the Tuesday vo2max sessions pretty much are all missing alternatives. Especially in the Achievable and Productive options.