🎉🎉🎉 Introducing Outside Workouts! 🎉🎉🎉

Except the workout is designed to do outside. If you tried to do other TR workouts outside it would be very hard.

Based on the previous poll (Would having alternative text based outside workouts (for TR workouts) be useful?) I understand that for about 25% of you this feature in it’s current form isn’t something you’re interested in.

For the other 75% it looks like it is.


I will say, having the ride instructions for the outdoor ride available in that window without having to click on the workout to go to the separate workout page is VERY handy! Would be great if the indoor ride info could be added there as well :+1:.


That’s coming.


Ah right, I get it now.

The outdoor instructions are different from the TR workout, giving you a better chance of stimulating the the same physiological benefits of the trainer session but outside.



It’s still a great addition, but I just wanted to be sure I wasn’t missing something. Hopefully it can be built upon even further in the future.

This is cool. Answers a lot of questions asked frequently here about substituting outdoor rides. This eliminates some of the guesswork and keeps the plans intact. Well done!


You guys keep killing it! Thank you for this excellent addition! Now if the snow would just stop falling up here in NH…




I wouldn’t sell short just how well the TR workouts operate on a wahoo bolt without modification.

Granted, I usually only take longer SS, threshold and such outside - but even for 1-2 min intervals, it is very doable. The head unit functionality is fantastic… You can pause workout while riding to training ground, pause an interval or recovery if needed, back up to repeat an interval, all with it mapped out on display. LEDs or large text fields give clear quick indication of on target or not with automatic lap average values to track through the interval.

Wahoo has nailed the hardware side of this perfectly IMHO but blew it on leaving the upload job to third parties. TR is ideal candidate to leverage it. On a safe rural road, the compliance is easier to track than a cue sheet, not mentally taxing, etc. It just needs a less klugey loading method than sketching them up in a free training peaks account to load them in.

Until then, I can’t see value add of this over the current best known method of recreating workouts in another software to get them into our head units. Am a bit puzzled by this direction and hope it’s not a sign that the software and hardware companies are not playing well together :open_mouth:


Everyday you should have the choice: Do I want to train inside or outside? Without having to sacrifice quality.

There are certain things the trainer will always be better for, but now you can have more flexibility.


DO you need access to wifi or a data plan to use outdoor? Could you use wi-fi to download workout and do workout without a connection to wi-fi or Data? Fo an example, Could I use a an Ipod?

You don’t need data. Once it’s synced in the app you don’t have to have a data connection anymore to read it.

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For me, the strength of this is not so much the app but that it plays to TRs strength: the workout library. No way in hell will I mount my phone to my bike. Too exposed to grit and stuff. But what this is about for me is that now there is a big library of outside alternatives that I will write on a piece of tape and put on my stem/top tube depending on how long it is. :slight_smile:


@Nate_Pearson, I’ve been a TR fanboy since finding the software a few years ago after trying a few workouts in the Wattbike Hub and wanting something better. After finding the podcast a few months later I decided I’d be with your system for as long as I’m riding.

My biggest problem was a lack of riding outside for the fear of messing up my training and now you’ve ensured I can mitigate (if not totally remove) that risk. Thank you for what you and the team keep doing. I’m looking forward to my first official outdoor TR ride on Thursday (Belted).


Great first step in the right direction. Next - audio cues (oh no, the headsets-on-the-bike debate will start all over again!!!)

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Just wait until they do head-unit integration…

@Nate_Pearson, you’re doing head-unit integration, right? At some point? Please say yes? Or blink 3 times if NDA limitations prevent you from speaking?


Just looked at my saturday workout, fish 4x15 threshold, outdoor equivalent 5x12 threshold, I may have to give it a try!

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But I meant that I’m totally fine with the stem tape solution. I am just excited to have stem-tapable workout equivalents now that take the uncertainty out of doing rides outside!

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Well he is going to garmin this week for the conference so that whole “not at this time” disclaimer has something between the lines, or at least that’s how I’ll choose to read it!

I think a lot of us have built this up to be a lot bigger and I get it, but I think the fact that they’ve re-written a bunch of workouts is a huge thing, we definitely want everything ASAP but I think we don’t get the realities of developing stuff like this.


Wow. Switched on early access and synced…biiig differences, in some workouts at least.

Whorl goes from 1h15 to 2h, TSS from 50 to 95!
Ragged goes from a gradual rise over 70mins to 80mins at SS, TSS from 84 to 120!

Very interesting…I’m too scared to look at Longfellow and Mianzimo :open_mouth:

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