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Morning @IvyAudrain. This bug is not fixed :(. I have inconsistencies between the web and IOS and MacBook. IOS and Mac still showing negative progression level adjustments in the calendar view and the web showing incorrect progression level adjustments (this time positive) and I believe incorrect workout levels as well. When I finish this ride I’ll email support. Thanks


Definitely email support. Thank you.

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Thanks for the update. Should the fix correct the classifications (stretch etc…) and progressions in historical activities?

So I’m adding a C crit for this coming Sat to my calendar, can I hit recalculate plan without fear I will bork anything AT related? lol

Thanks @IvyAudrain to avoid everybody wondering the same thing here is what I’ve sent to support:

I’m definitely still seeing big mistakes in the calendar cards for completed workouts and I’m seeing differences between platforms.

  1. I’m still seeing negative progression level adjustments for workouts I completed last week, both in the IOS app and in the Mac desktop app. These are now no negatives in the web client. See 13th-16th below.

  2. I’m seeing rides categorised as Productive on the Mac, but Achievable on the web client. There are lots of mismatches - see 7th, 8th, 14th, 21st, and 22nd below.

  3. I’m seeing rides showing progression level increases on the Mac, but no increases on the web client. See 6th below

  4. When I have earned progression level adjustments they are not consistent between clients. See the 6th, 14th, 22nd below.


Same for me. Not fixed. TR app on Mac and iOS app on phone and iPad both still have the same issues. However, TR webpage shows correct progressions on individual completed workouts. Is the reported fix delivered from TR server when the apps sync or only applied via update to iOS and Mac apps versions? (currently running latest version on all, and no updates for either are yet available on App Store).

Apologies if this has already been asked.

I did a 1.6 VO2 session the other day (Grassy Ridge -3) which was really easy so I decided to increase the duration and power of many of the intervals. When completing the survey should I base my response on the original power levels, or the increased ones I completed?


On the original workout. Today the system doesn’t give credit for increased intensity during a workout.

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Recommendation: after an outside workout (with power data) and you associate it with the planned workout, it would be nice to receive a pop-up in your browser to add the level of effort. I had to look for it while I guess no one wants to forget about it. I also noticed that the LoE question doesn’t come up in the mobile app, but I reckon you are aware or it’s somewhere in the previous replies.

Thanks all re: persisting Progression Level issues. Looking into this with the team now!


It looks like the website data for Past Rides has joined the other platforms and gone a bit haywire now.

Workout Difficulty and Progression Changes are all over the place this morning, and an unexplained change in Progression Levels too.

Ticket submitted

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Same situation with Android app @IvyAudrain : Android Calendar showing incorrect progression labels/numbers for completed workouts compared to the Web Calendar, which appears to be correct.

I’m also seeing differences between the android app and website workout pl numbers.

OPE, we’re hustling on a fix for the apps, for now, the current fix for PL consistencies only applies to the web.
Apologies for the confusion!

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Just looked on the browser version. Looks great, well done. I even have PL’s attributed for some outdoor MTB rides from a couple months ago :call_me_hand:.

For the past two or three days the PL consistencies are all over the place on the web Past Rides page @IvyAudrain . I keep reading the web is fixed but i keep feeding back that this appears not to be the case.

The history of workout difficulty and primary progressions for completed workouts is all over the place. Breakthrough and Not Recommended difficulty for Productive rides, Progressions from 0 to 1 etc… when i have no PL’s near that level

The weird thing is my Progression Levels on the Career Page are correct.

This has all been fed back to Support.

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Were they outdoor TR workouts or just random rides?

Random rides. Looks like I associated them with endurance rises of the same length and intensity so that is probably a key part. I did that retroactively when I got added to AT.


Just adding my voice to those having trouble with discrepancies between the web client and the applications with regards to increases in Progression Levels on certain workouts, as well as their classification as “achievable” or “stretch” etc. The Progression levels on my Career page are consistent between clients, but there is a big difference on the classification of individual workouts.

A question I have - which is the source of truth? For my training, should I believe the we client or the apps?

Secondly (sorry if this has been asked - 4000+ posts is a lot to get through), when choosing filler endurance rides, I should be choosing “Achievable” workouts, right? This won’t have a negative affect on my Progression Levels, will it?

Thanks! Cal.

Web is “truth”, you don’t go down on PL’s from doing achievable workouts.