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Add a workout button on the calendar in the app not working since updated to Adaptive Training. Can’t add runs and swims in the app at the moment.

Email support@trainerroad.com so they can review your issues.

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Why are levels dropping so quickly? I did a 6.2 endurance ride on 6/27 and today my endurance score is down to 4.2. I get the “decay” thing but this seems quite excessive because now the endurance workouts i know I can do are in the Stretch/Breakthrough category which also ruins what TrainNow is going to recommend. Is the decay thing specific to certain zones? One would think that an aerobic base doesn’t go away so quickly

I am currently not in a plan but just doing random workouts to supplement outdoor riding.

Also the post-ride survey responses are not syncing over to the website from the MacOS app until I close out of the app and then re-launch it

Lastly it seems like when adding some workouts to my calendar the progression difficulty thing doesn’t appear. If I look up Nevado or Black Pine in the workout library they show their Vo2 score and level, but when I actually add them to my calendar the ratings seem to disappear

Separate question: in its final iteration how is AT going to work for me, someone who follows a plan (not through plan builder because I don’t race or do specialty) for a few months in winter and then supplements with random workouts during the summer? As it is now it seems all my progression levels will erroneously reset to 1.0 or so and then I won’t be able to get proper workout recommendations, and AT seemingly doesn’t even work outside of plan builder for now.

Is AT going to work with regular plans down the road, and is it going to factor in unstructured outdoor rides too, at some point?

TR has said this is the plan, but there’s no timeframe on either feature yet.

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Identified issue regarding PL decay rates:

Guessing the fix Ivy refers to hasn’t yet been released :man_shrugging:


Thanks for that. Sorry these threads are big and packed with posts so I appreciate you highlighting the responses because I don’t really read through here until I have an issue


Thats probably right TBH, but nonetheless, the team at support@trainerroad.com can double check.

I dont blame you, there are almost 4000 posts currently :rofl:.

Working on some better resources and education materials for athletes to help out!


If there was a thread just for AT issue updates that only you or other mods could post in I think that would be helpful. Kind of a “issue identified” type thing so if someone had an AT problem they could quickly check out the thread and see if it’s already been identified/being worked on or it’s something new. This way we don’t have a dozen posts about the same thing


Totally. It will probably look like a support document, and will ideally include some FAQs such as: “I completed ‘x’ workout, why did I get ‘x’ result in Progression Level change?”. Hoping to help clear up some common points of confusion about AT!


I’ve asked for this a few times. A specific thread where only trainerroad can post new information on the topic. Right now we have 2 different threads with thousands of posts from everyone. Hard to find anything.


I think the first post in this thread gives the TR staff’s update.

At times they do. At times they reply in either thread and it does not make it to the top of the thread.

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Apologies if this has already been answered, over 3000posts so it quite possibly has.

As I understand it outdoor rides won’t count towards you adaptive training.

Does this mean they won’t effect your levels or adjust your next day workout? My assumption is that TSS would adjust an upcoming workout, is that right?

I love the idea of Adaptive Training, but during summer I can’t use it reasonably without outdoor Wahoo support, and preferably unstructured ride support as well.
Therefore disabled for now.

Looking forward to testing again once that’s fixed, and thanks for all the ongoing improvements!

TSS has nothing to do with Adaptive Training.

Progression Levels are what matter. As of now, only TR workouts on the app and TR outside workouts on Garmin are counting towards Progression Levels.

So, anything else is ignored and won’t change PLs, meaning TR is missing data and will only offer to drop workout difficulty since you PL can’t be raised by what it doesn’t see.

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As it stands, the only outdoor rides that will cause adaptations to future workouts are those done using TR outdoor workouts done through a Garmin head unit (and in my experience, synced from Garmin connect).

TSS (or some other measure of recent training load that TR algorithm uses - I assume it’s TSS though) affects the workout recommendations from TrainNow, so if you haven’t got a workout scheduled, TrainNow suggests workouts based on your recent training - that’s been a general release feature for a little while and probably where you’re coming from?

The future plan is for all rides (indoor and outdoor) to count towards AT but there’s no timescale on that yet.

(edit: wot Chad said :smiley: )


Thanks Chad, I catch what your saying regarding PLs.

What I’m trying to workout is how/if AT will adjust if I got out for an all day mountain session and I’m scheduled for a training session the next day. I don’t have any means of measuring power on the MTB.

Not always as committed to turbo time during the good weather but trying to I find how outdoor fun blends with indoor training using AT.

  • As of now, it doesn’t sound like they have that covered or planned. Maybe there is some consideration hiding in there for TSS and “surprise” work like you describe, but I’ve not heard anything related to it.

Short story, you probably still have to adapt your plan manually if you deviate significantly from what is on your calendar.

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