🎉 🎉 🎉 Introducing Adaptive Training! 🎉 🎉 🎉

Cheers @BCrossen. Between yourself, @mcneese.chad and a few others you are a great help in navigating AT. Support have been great as well I have to say.

I seem to have hit a bug unfortunately so AT can’t give me credit for my PL. It may have had something to do with me attacking climbs a wee bit in the last few intervals :sweat_smile:. My average power might have stayed in the target zone but let’s just say it was a bit on the spikey side :joy:.


AT just suggested much lower weekend workouts for me for no apparent reason. I’m assuming it’s wanting me to rest, but it happened after I completed an easy Z1 workout this morning. I’ve had no trouble with completing any of the workouts.

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I’m getting the feeling from people’s comments / questions on adaptation and PL ramp rates that this now has the same “problem” as TSS ramp rate: what is the appropriate mix of the following workouts:

  • Achievable
  • Productive
  • Stretch

Same with: what PL for Sweet Spot / Threshold should I be able to do if my FTP is set correctly?

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Keep in mind that Wahoo Outdoor workouts won’t be giving you credit (although you can answer surveys). Garmin is supposed to be working, although I don’t have a Garmin head unit and cannot confirm it first-hand.

As of a few hours ago support confirmed that structured outdoors workouts on Garmin are still being failed and giving no pl increases, even when when one responds “I didn’t struggle” and completed the regular survey. They are actively working on it.


I’m using a Garmin 530. It’s mostly going well. My PLs have adjusted correctly for 2 out of 3 of my outdoor workouts. Indoor workouts have all been fine.

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This is a really good question, and part of a more general question that I have been asking myself - What is the intended goal of Adaptive Training progressions? If I had to define it, I would say, “Provide incremental progress as fast as possible, constrained by signs of overtraining/overreaching, and based on the goals of a given training plan.”

Knowing the intent of what problem AT is trying to solve, makes it easier for me to know how to assess effectiveness, even in beta. As @russell.r.sage states in his post above, I have had plenty of adaptations over the past 2+ months that don’t really make sense on face value. Most of my progress has been from me selecting harder workouts or not accepting adaptations.

Since I am in the beta and I believe in the promise, I am OK with this. I just don’t know how to even give feedback on if the adaptations/progressions are working as intended.

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Maybe weekly activity? I got in after 3 weeks of 600+ TSS including a ramp test the week before the email.

@IvyAudrain use fo the TrainerRoad Approved graphic is helpful in knowing that something a forum user posted about AT is accurate. Hope you can continue the practice.

And as the poster who was approved, I feel really special :innocent: :wink:


A bit hit and miss IME. (I’ve a support ticket open about it)

For me any workout with distinct intervals such as VO2max or threshold workouts do get changes to the relevant progression levels applied. I’m just finishing the Polarised Plans so there’s no adaptations being done but that’s not a problem for me at the moment. For those workouts that are basically one long interval when done outdoors it’s very hit and miss, mostly miss TBH. I get the “Success” response survey but invariably I’ll see something like “Stretch/Breakthrough +/-0” as annotation. Surely if a workout is Breakthrough then there’ll be changes to PLs. I’ve had one (from memory) failed workout survey - I selected “I didn’t struggle” then filled out the success one.

There’s a TR approved post a bit further up saying it isn’t working right on Garmin, apparently.

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Here’s my calendar - https://www.trainerroad.com/app/career/bobw/calendar, also all the workouts are public so should be possible to check. As you can see, today’s workout (Beehive) showed no PL changes but last Sunday’s workout (Vogelsang) did.

Sierra+1 = Stretch +1.3
Churup = Productive+0.8
Withington = Stretch+1.5

As you can also see, most of the Endurance workouts get the “X +/-0” attribution which is why Vogelsang gets “Not Recommended +4.7” :flushed:

Here’s my career: https://www.trainerroad.com/app/career/bobw. Until Vogelsang my Endurance PL was at 3.0 which is frankly crazy as I can do multiple 10-12hr days back to back - go back to the end of May and you’ll see four rides entitled “King Alfred’s Way” (the last two are on the same day for some reason), that was an afternoon, two full days and a final morning all laden with bikepacking kit. Endurance at 3.0? I think not.

So my view is that suggested adaptations from outdoor workouts are intermittent rather than working or not working.

I have turned AT off. I will give it another go maybe in the winter after a break.

Have been training consistently 13-15hrs per week all year with races now starting in Canada July to Oct. I feel that AT is way too buggy to be messing around with unfairly low progression levels at this point in the season.

I wish I was able to manually alter PLs to take into account my base endurance etc and previous progression levels when FTP moves just slightly upwards (it reset completely after a 5w increase).

Having to figure out ways to give myself harder workouts so that AT can catch-up with my actual ability defeats the point, lol. I’ll try it again when the work arounds are no longer needed :crossed_fingers:


Hi, been a TR user since as early as 2008 yet I’m still on the waiting list for Adaptive Training. It was exciting back in February when it was announced. Now its just frustrating waiting for it. Any update on general release please? Thanks :+1:


Happy to speak to timelines. In an effort to expedite the development process of AT, we have added athletes in larger groups based on an evolving set of criteria that help us address specific aspects of the product that we are working on at that moment. That criteria evolves and changes as we continually make progress with Adaptive Training, and it has allowed us to actually accelerate the rate of newly added athletes to the closed beta!

That said, its hard to tell on an individual basis when athletes will be added, and we want to make sure its fairly dialed before releasing to all of our athletes. That timeline unfortunately isn’t clear yet while we continue to identify and isolate the bigger roadblock issues. If you need help updating or changing your current plan to meet your needs, let us know (either here or via PM or via support@trainerroad.com). We’re happy to lend a hand. :v:


I think this is an interesting mental separation we will have to get used to between what we are capable of and what we’ve “done” during that training block. I don’t think our progression levels will ever be fully reflective of our capability in all systems at one time because realistically you don’t train them all in every block. My SS PL is a meager 3.1, but I completed Wright Peak SS 8.9 back in Feb at the same FTP and it was easy. However, my levels have degraded because I usually go outside since Spring and Summer rather than doing my SS workouts. I’ve wrestled with just doing one of each type so I can get the bling on my Progression chart, but I don’t think that is really a disciplined way of dealing with this.


I’ve been visiting in laws the past couple of weeks but finished the first half of short power build HV at the local gym on a stages spin bike like I usually do when I visit. This is my current PL status, I did a ‘stretch’ endurance workout Sunday (I quote stretch because my endurance was probably high given the 5hr century I did 3 weeks ago not captured by progression levels). Anyhow, looking pretty balanced and not so endurance/sweet spot heavy


I know this has been asked and answered somewhere in here, did a ramp test, up 20w, progression levels basically reset to 1, tomorrow’s workout is not being adapted but the others are, what’s everyone doing? Accepting the adaptation or doing the next workout with the hope that that sets the levels.

I hear ya; I signed up in early March, still nothing. I’m starting to wonder if it’s real

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Not quite that. I was doing the Polarised Plans but the endurance workouts weren’t being accounted for. So I’d do something like Ptarmigan which was classified as a “Breakthrough” workout being given 5.9 vs my then PL of 3.0 but the PL would remain the same. I was giving them “Moderate” in the response survey which might have kept things down but shouldn’t have kept them the same. At the same time I’d do threshold or VO2max workouts and rate them “Hard” or “Very Hard” and get PL improvements so the system was working for some PLs but not others.

Also that block of long rides was during the same training block meaning I was doing the relevant training and using it but AT didn’t recognise either (I know it’s not currently going to recognise unstructured outdoor rides) which is definitely a bug.