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Got it! Thanks!

Seems like a way to manually set progression levels in the app could be a nice feature to have to account for outside endurance rides or anything else not recognized by the current system

3800+ posts in here so not sure if this has been covered;

Can @IvyAudrain or @Nate_Pearson comment on whether AT is functionally looking within an energy system (say VO2) whether within the progression levels itself how a rider rates in on/off vs. sustained vs. hard start?

Or is the way the progression levels themselves are designed an on/off workout at 4.8 is similiar in VO2 response to a 4.8 continuous?

So I moved tomorrows workout to today and AT updated my workout plan. As I am on holidays and have more time to ride and am not walking 20km a day for work I want to add more rides. What is the best way to add more rides and have AT adapt tp them?


Any TR workout you add to your plan will count toward progression levels and adapt future workouts. The ones you add won’t be adapted by previous ones though. In your case, I’d probably just use TrainNow each day to add something to my calendar based on how I was feeling.


These types are accounted for individually within VO2 Max workouts and within Adaptive Training when addressing and updating your Progression Levels. :sunglasses:

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Did an FTP test, minor increase (~6%). All levels reset to between 1.0 and 1.2… excessive, not least because in one case I’d already seen a decay from a peak of 10.0 (Sweet Spot) and 9.1 (Threshold) just due to a taper / recovery week.

Needless to say I’m going to be ignoring the suggested levels for the first week of the new plan.

I’ve been in the beta for a couple of weeks, but it happened to coincide with a taper week and recovery week, so nothing has really happened until today. Just before my ramp test today, my VO2 got upped from 5.1 to 5.4, no biggie, I know that’s a strength and I’m cool with that. I then did the ramp test, and ended up 1 watt higher. Basically a rounding error, yet it’s dropped everything quite a bit, including VO2 to 4.1. This seems excessive for an FTP change of less than half a percent?

I’ll leave it as I’m sure it’ll quickly go back up, but would have thought for an FTP change that small, nothing would change.

Long ago I had a similar experience and set of comments. Seems there still is a fairly extreme drop in PL’s from any FTP change.


Ah yes. Thank you, and I agree with all your points in your previous post. I was already a little bummed that I only got a single watt (let’s call it a rounding error) and to then also see all those progression levels hit the floor was an extra kick in the teeth.

I’ll slap in alternatives that I think are closer to what I think they should be and go from there. Thanks!

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Regardless, double-checking with the team about this. :v:


Does the PL drop happen if your FTP changes at all, or, only if you complete the ramp test?

If I were to complete the ramp test and not accept the result and then manually change my FTP would my PL levels all drop?

I don’t have to worry about it for a few weeks - I avoided the last ramp as I knew it was an issue. But I’m not sure that’s sustainable tactic going forward :sweat_smile:.

Based on what others have said I’m this thread, manual adjustment does result in PLs being adjusted down, even with small or minor changes in FTP.


Thanks @BCrossen. There goes that idea so.

Hopefully it’ll be sorted before I need to ramp again :crossed_fingers:.

Following up on this! There’s an identified issue with decay rate and rest surrounding Progression Levels, for which the fix is in the queue to be released! Nearly there, but until then, take those big plunges in PLs with a grain of salt for the time being. Refining all of this will take some work, thanks for everyone’s feedback and contribution in helping us do so!


Did a 6 hour ride at the weekend at over 17mph and yesterday 1 hour Pettit was graded as a Stretch workout :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Think I’m going to trust improvements in my power curve!!!


If I complete an structured outside workout and it doesn’t associate with my scheduled workout (end up with two versions). Can I just match them to merge them? Or is that a terrible idea?

Yes, if you did an outdoor TR workout and it didn’t associate property, associating manually it is the appropriate way to correct that problem.