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I have not seen an indication of why this matters, however I suspect that it is because Garmin is doing something different when it transfers the data - when I complete a workout on my Garmin the activity shows up in Garmin Connect automatically with the TR workout name appended. So there must be something else that TR is looking for in the Garmin sync which enables it to see the completed workout properly. That’s lost in the sync to Strava. This would also explain partly why workouts done on a Wahoo don’t work - Garmin must be doing something extra at the workout sync stage.

Mine says “Power Source Garmin Edge 810” - but I think that’s just a record of the device. At the bottom of the page I see this:


I am going to try two scenarios next.
For both, the Strava link is broken

  1. Select outside workout in TR, create actual workout in TP which pushes to Garmin and TR. Do outside workout using the TP workout and see what happens by matching it to TR workout.
  2. Select outside workout in TR and execute in Garmin. Assuming this is what I have to do.
    If I want to do my coach’s workout I guess I have to do it all manually during the ride? Seems like a lot of workarounds :slight_smile: Maybe I need to have my TR on my garmin watch, and TP on my edge to try to get it all to work :sweat_smile:

Hmm, your scenario 1 is a variation on what I’m doing:

  • TP pushes workout to Garmin and TR
  • do workout outside
  • Garmin syncs back to TR

and then I’m left with this to clean up:

and then I do these post-ride steps:

  • add a “How did this ride feel?” survey response
  • match to TP workout
  • change title in TR

3 weeks ago I did one TR outside workout, that I manually added to TR calendar alongside the TP custom workout. On the bike computer I had two workouts, selected the TR outside workout (Echo -3) and after the ride it auto-matched on calendar and I was asked if I struggled (no, just a lot of traffic) and then asked how it felt. Its the only recent workout with progression levels on it, but it did not update my PLs and they are still all 1.0.

I’m patiently waiting for TR to support PL updating of custom workouts that are executed outside. Many of the workouts my coach assigns do not look like any TR workout.

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This worked for me. But, mine was just a Z2 workout, so didn’t care what I had to do as long as I stayed in zone.

Unfortunately I don’t think TR will register the effect on your PLs of non-TR workouts that you’ve done outside at the moment. Inside - maybe? I know custom TR workouts do get PLs assigned and would update your PLs but I don’t think currently that works for outdoor.

Yes and this didn’t work for me :rofl:

TP imported workouts seem to come in as TR custom workouts, and it seems to keep a library of them as well.

Luck is on my side, just got added :partying_face:

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TP imported workouts are 100% for certain added to your TR custom workout library. Its been working that way since 2020 at the earliest (I started syncing in August or September).

Shortly after importing (within a minute or two) they are automatically assigned Progression Levels. That happened before I was accepted in the beta.

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This is actually an interesting idea. Have TP push to TR so that it is stored in your library as a custom TR workout. Then go ahead and add that to your calendar in the future. The catch is that even this method you cannot select the workout outside for you to match your outdoor ride. I’m curious for the reasoning to lock you into an indoor only custom workout.


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This is because the TR outdoor workouts are not the same as the TR indoor workouts. As per my previous post, there are several differences in the outdoor versions which leads me to believe someone is making outdoor versions of the indoor workouts. They have different warmup/cooldown structures, and if you look at something like Baxter (rolling 90 mins) the outdoor version just says “warm up then do power between X and Y for 120 mins”

That is understandable, but a workout is a workout. If the ML is comparing a workout to what was accomplished then why does it matter if it is inside or outside. Would it not just compare the interval prescribed to the interval executed. It seems like the structure is there if I do it inside then should be able to port to outside. :man_shrugging:


It changes what information is sent to your Garmin/Wahoo though doesn’t it? i.e. the TR workouts are a range etc. I’m sure you can send the ride to your head unit from the original source, can’t you?

I put in a good word for you lol🙄

Here’s the response I got from support on the Strava vs Garmin importation issue:

If you’re pushing structured intervals to your head unit, I would say for now the best thing to do would be to disconnect Strava, as you had mentioned (although, you can also re-link it and configure it to only send TR workouts to Strava, and not vice-versa, if you still wanted a log of your training there).
While clicking on these workouts shows us 'Imported from Strava and Garmin Connect ', because they’re named ‘Evening Ride’/etc. (rather than ‘Acho +2’, for instance), I would agree that Strava may be throwing things off here.

So it seems to be simply a naming issue… I would hope that will get fixed. Strava does keep the lap/workout structure and that’s imported by TR so you would have thought that TR could simply look at the lap structure, and if it matches the outside workout structure then that should be enough.

If it was that simple, I’m sure it would be fixed by now…

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Getting creative here, but is there a way to rename old rides in Garmin Connect and force push them to TR tied to a workout to get older outside rides counting towards PL?

It sounds like support is guessing and haven’t reached out to dev team or are not investigating yet. It may be on the list of things to do.

That’s how it reads to me, support is doing an investigation and a guess at the problem.

Yeah I mean it sounds trivial to me, but I know enough about software development to know that issues which sound like they should be trivial often aren’t (I’m a product manager myself).


Yes, definitely :slight_smile: The devil’s always in the detail. I’m a software dev and my motto is “nothing’s ever easy” haha.