🎉 🎉 🎉 Introducing Adaptive Training! 🎉 🎉 🎉

in Canada and in for three weeks. good luck eh!

Been on the waiting list since March 29th, can’t wait for the email aha

I was on on day 1. It will happen. It is cool as it kind of gamifies the training process. More engaging.

I think having a recent ramp test is (or was) a criteria for being selected. I have noticed that several people mentioned a recent test just before being admitted, including myself.

Though they probably keep changing the secret criteria all the time based on their needs.

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I’ve been in for a while, haven’t done a ramp test in years.

They’ve said on the podcast that criteria are constantly shifting. But maybe it wasn’t the ramp test but rather scheduling a new plan in Plan Builder? It’s speculation, but many people in the last month that mentioned just getting in recently did this.

Yeah, they look for things that people may hit.

I also haven’t done a plan builder, nor a TR plan in years. FWIW. I use TR for workout playback, primarily.

Recently received the invite email. Just so happens I have about 18 weeks to get ready for IM FL. So before I accept and use planbuilder I’d like to see if anyone can educate me…

  1. Due to life I sometimes have to switch workouts around to different days: e.g., move long ride from sat to sun. Will this “break” the AT system or have any impact?

  2. If I want to add a workout to the plan, say an extra Sunday z2 ride, how will this impact AT?

Thank you in advance.

I was recently added to the beta and one of the users which have a coach in Trainingpeaks and do most workouts outside. I am pushing the TP workout to TR and executing the workout on my Garmin. The custom workout is getting a level in the calendar, but since the TP push to TR is forced as an inside workout it does not go against my progression charts. The best workaround I can find is deleting the workout and choosing a similar difficulty outdoor TR workout and hope it matches close enough to go against my progression level. Even that only gets me a different survey, but still doesn’t go against my progression levels so everything is stuck at 1.0.

My understanding (so I’m prepared to be corrected on this) is:

  1. move the workout on the day you intend to do it. AT should still apply any necessary adaptations to it.

  2. An extra workout isn’t a problem, it won’t be adapted itself since PB/AT don’t know about it but will count towards future adaptations.


If you are completing an outdoor TR workout via Garmin and it is hitting TR from Garmin (not from Strava which was my error) then that should update your PLs.

how do you know if it is coming from strava vs garmin connect?

It says the source of the ride in the ride page on TR on the web. Mine say both Strava and Garmin but apparently Strava hits TR first and therefore it doesn’t work.

I’m 54 and I reckon my second dose made me lethargic and tired for 5-6 weeks afterwards.

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Yes, both are correct

I tried deleting the ride since it shows both Strava and Garmin uploading the ride. Then I manually uploaded the ride from Garmin and it still hasn’t uploaded. Did you remove your Strava connection in the interim to force the upload from Garmin?

I haven’t tried yet.

This is what I did try, and which did not work (in terms of being graded Achievable and affecting my PLs):

Select outside workout in TR
Push to Garmin
Complete workout on Garmin

My Garmin syncs to Strava and Strava syncs to TR, although I do also have Garmin connected to TR. This means that the calendar in TR shows the following image:

Also on the actual workout page:


I think I need to try it again but break the link between Strava and TR so that the ride hits TR from Garmin only/first. The Strava to TR link seems to be quicker, so it’s hitting TR from Strava first and it seems that the outside workouts function doesn’t work with TR if the data comes from Strava.

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I just suspended my Strava link and will see what happens. There really needs to be a way to create your own workout from TP and let you select that as an outdoor ride. I don’t know why it is locked in to ‘inside’ only. I tried to use the TR workout creator, but it won’t launch on my PC.

Did TR support give an indication of why this matters? AFAIK, the original FIT file is moved along (?). I’m just befuddled by this, unless TR is specifically checking for “Garmin” as the source, it makes no sense. I know Strava has the original, as I can download and compare. The file downloaded from TR is manipulated by TR, though.

If you open the activity, scroll down to “power source,” if Garmin it will say Garmin. This is from my outdoor workout that counts. I have Strava and Garmin connected.

Screen Shot 2021-07-01 at 7.54.43 AM

I don’t think that will work for outdoor rides either though - I think your best bet for outdoor rides will be to find a TR library workout that is close to what your coach has prescribed, push the outside version of that to your Garmin and complete it that way (and have it auto sync from Garmin Connect not Strava). I think that’s the only way you will be able to get your outdoor workouts to work fully with AT right now.

The outside versions of the workouts aren’t 1:1 copies of the inside ones - the warmups/cooldowns are less specific for example and they also include open laps (i.e., interval lasts till lap button) to help you get to safe bits of road for the main intervals etc., so I believe TR must be manually making outdoor versions of each workout.