🎉 🎉 🎉 Introducing Adaptive Training! 🎉 🎉 🎉

IIRC, Any swapping of indoor workouts that you do will feed the AT algorithms, but only do the swap the same day you do the workout, so that AT can adapt future workouts. Any manually moved workout won’t get adaptation suggestions from AT.


@mcneese.chad thanks for mentioning. I forgot to discuss it in my previous post. I originally tried this, but AT deleted all of the workouts for the week and made some adjustments later, but being in week 4 of SSB HV II, AT left next week (week 5) as is with some adaptations and then went into the normal week 6 recovery. So, I would have gone recovery - week 5 - recovery. PB / AT was preserving the start of the build phase, whereas I was ok with shortening specialty, which is how I ended up doing what I did.

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Good to know and sorry it didn’t work better.

Thanks @huges84. That’ll come in useful, no doubt :+1:.

No need to apologize - AT did exactly what I thought it would. A future option to add a recovery week and specify how the plan should shift (i.e. truncate Specialty by one week) would be great but I don’t expect it at this phase of the beta or even when AT gets released to full production.

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I think it needs an option to force AT to insert a rest week - either treat the time off as a rest week or just have an option to add a rest week.

Previously I’d have just moved the workouts around but you can’t do that now while preserving AT adaptations.

As I said either upthread or in the other one, I’ve had 2 holiday weeks where I have been riding but not seriously, and AT has just ignored them so I’ve ended up going week off - rest week then in the next block the reverse (rest week into week off), which is just annoying.

Not sure I follow the logic in the adaptations. My VO2 workouts in a short power build were increasing PL. So currently at 5.3PL and the workout scheduled was 5.7PL. I know I went in tired and thinking the intensity was too high so this isnt the best choice but started it anyway. Quickly realized this wasnt my day so stopped after the first set.

All that is fine…now the failure triggers the next adaptation…so the next VO2 workout is now at level 2.6PL and that is the only workout that changed. I dont understand the logic.

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What I would probably do is screenshot or take note of the suggested adaptations, then reject them. Then you can use “alternates” as needed to replace the ones you DID want to accept.

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Yeah, I took note of the couple of changes I wanted alright👍. I’ll set a few benchmarks next week to get everything back on track.

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So you pulled the plug after a single interval? In a vacuum, I would also assume that means it was way above your PL paygrade at the moment, as well. Not finishing the rest of the workout sends a really strong signal to AT that the workout was too hard. Better to finish the whole workout at reduced intensity instead. That said, there should be some kind of contingency for AT to recollect previous workouts at that level and serve you something of the same level next time.

Also, how far out is that next workout? Is it next week? It very likely could change again before you even get there if it is far enough out and I wouldn’t worry much about it until the day before or the morning of that particular workout if that’s the case.

It might be because AT feels it ramped too quickly and feels that you have too much fatigue in your legs to do the next workout at 5.3. A 2.6 might be enough to keep your level where it is but still allow your legs to recover.

Next workout is Thursday. I pulled the plug after the first set…of 5. It wasnt that I couldnt do them…it was more that I felt at this point in time the workout seemed too much to do 5 sets. Already tired it didnt make sense to dig a deeper hole. Age is 61…still thinking my second vaccine dose is still having an impact on my energy level is also at play.

AT knows nothing of this. From my perspective AT was ramping too quickly. The prior week it was wanting me to do a 6.1 which I did an alternate at 5.3. This week it has set up for a 5.7 and 6.1 for Tuesday/Thursday. I do understand the drop…just not the rate. I almost wish they had a little bit of reasoning to indicate why the adjustment of what I perceive as a significant change. I think I likely should of answered the survey differently as I said intensity…which it was…but fatigue was likely a more appropriate answer.

You should still be able to change the response to Fatigue instead of Intensity by tapping the three dots on the workout page. I’m not sure how much it will affect things, but it is something you could try. I’m guessing the reason for such a big drop is two fold: 1) you didn’t do 80% of the work in the workout, and 2) it may also drop more greatly for people in different age ranges (I believe age is one of the AT markers).

Sad day for me, my sweet spot ranking decayed from 9.2 to 5.9 lol


Time to give up cycling!

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Thanks for the info. Never thought of being able to update the reason.

So the interesting part is since the update it now recommends no adaptations. Thursday is now a workout that I think is too much at 6.1.

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I’ve just been added to the Beta. Currently the web version and my phone app both show that I have a workout today but my computer app doesn’t show the workout. How do I fix this?

Make sure to click the sync button and that the version on the PC is up to date. If all that is in order, send an email to support@trainerroad.com and they’ll get you sorted.

You can replace the workout with the alternates feature to something in that 5.7 range or lower if you want to drop it further. Again, I’d wait to do this on the day of the workout in case more adaptations occur between now and then.

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Is the rollout region locked by any chance (I live in Canada)? Been refreshing this page every day waiting to see how many people have been added (and of course checking my emails in anticipation). Been taking a few months off due to severe burnout and I’m excited to get back into it.

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