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FWIW, for an event like that I’d consider doing Century speciality phase instead of Climbing Road Race: the latter has additional VO2max work/week, to do deal with attacking type efforts, which on your sportive you’d not be expecting from your fellow ride buddies. Your event ride would likely benefit from a better sustained power focus for those long climbs you’ll be doing all day.

I setup a simple Google spreadsheet to track changes in my PLs because I was curious. I do not believe TR has any graphs or analytics developed but I would think they are recording the level changes to troubleshoot / develop AT. Will post screen shots in a little bit.

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Yeah, I did think about that - I’ve done the old (pre-Plan Builder, pre-AT modifications) Century plan before with a similar goal.

But without wanting to sound bigheaded, I’m doing it with 3 other guys (it’s supposed to be “teams” of 4) and I am comfortably faster than 2 of them as it is - and short power is a weakness of mine which I’ve been trying to improve, so I chose a bit more VO2.

If I was readjusting the plan I would need to think about what to class the 6 hour MTB race as, because I have never really looked at the off-road plans before. XC Marathon seems to be the obvious choice.

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Sounds like you’ve thought it through!

FWIW I’ve previously used the XC Marathon plan (as an alternative to Century) as prep for a road cycling Alps trip for its emphasis on sustained threshold-ish efforts like you do on those great big climbs if you’re riding them as a “challenge”, ie. without the pace changes of racing. So probably not bad prep for a hilly Sportive type thing either.

Apologies to Chad for any OT stuff! :grimacing:

successfully shifted my Saturday workout to today (I did the change today and not in advance based on some advice I had seen around here). Going to do the Sunday workout tomorrow so cramming in a lot of work lol Next week’s training is going to be cobbling together a mix of a stages spin bike in a gym (cooling is going to suuuck) and borrowing an in-laws cheapo bike for easier riding, although I am thinking of bringing my assioma pedals to use on said cheapo bike, which will be quite the sight

@kitenski here are the two charts I’ve created to graphically show changes in my PLs. The first is a TR-style bar chart for each PL, with the most recent at the bottom and the oldest at the top of each group. The second is a Garmin Connect themed line chart showing the same data.


I had to miss my Sunday SS workout yesterday, as i was helping my son out with renovations, but this has caused some unwanted recommended changes to my plan from AT.

I created an annotation for “Time Off” for the day and selected “Don’t Adapt My Plan” as this is any easy workout for the week in SSB MV2 and I had done an extra unstructured ride on Saturday. The intent is to box on with the plan with no changes given +1 offset by -1. I left the uncompleted workout on the Calendar. I left the incomplete workout on the calendar.

This morning i have “Adaptations to Preview” and AT wants to peg future Sunday’s SS workouts to be easier. I don’t need that as the Sunday SS doesn’t get adapted upwards and they are already well below by PL for SS.

I will select “Don’t Adapt My Plan”, but is there a better way to treat the day off in the calendar than I have done, which would have avoided the Adaptations being recommended?

Will the Adaptations rejected reappear again and potentially end up creating a situation where i have some adaptations i wish to accept and others that i don’t? If this occurs, can i accept or decline adaptations selectively?

Where is this chart in Garmin connect?

@Westonite it is not in Connect. I built it manually in Google Sheets but choose the color scheme to match Garmin Connect, hence the “Connect theme” in the previous post. Sorry for any confusion (hopes) that someone else has actually implemented this yet.

Is there a way to force AT or PB to inject a recovery week? I’m half way through SSB-HV II and my legs are cooked.

My next A event is a solo ride in the fall so I have some flexibility to shift it one week later, which should force AT / PB to add a week, which I can turn into a recovery week.

I could also just not do the prescribed workouts this week and let AT adapt the plan.

Thoughts? Experiences?

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I suppose the most obvious option would be to add a time off annotation in this week and then allow AT to adapt the plan on that basis? If you do that and it doesn’t work, you should at least be able to delete the time off annotation and it should reset back to how it was…

I’ve found the time off adaptations to be not that useful though, I have tried it twice and the first time I’ve ended up with a rest week straight into a week off, then second time a week off straight into rest week, which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. I would rather it treat my holidays as rest weeks and keep the work weeks - which is what I would do if I was adapting the plan myself, but you can’t move the workouts around because it breaks the link to Plan Builder/AT…

An option to make AT treat the time off as a rest week might be quite helpful (maybe only in certain cases, I guess it wouldn’t make sense for illness).


Has there been any progress on incorporating strava linked outside rides into updating the progression levels?



Forced Recovery Week

I’m three weeks into SSB-HV II as part of the summer and fall training plan that PB built for a fictitious fondo at the end of October (I’ll probably just do a solo century). training fatigue has been building and I bailed on the most recent two workouts. AT adapted my plan by downgrading upcoming workouts. Feeling I need a recovery week, I was able to force one by deleting my plan, moving my made up fondo out two weeks, and going through PB again with the original plan start date of 7 June. It put in a recovery week this week, three more weeks of base, then full build and specialty phases.

I recognize that not everyone can adjust their A events to make this work. I did experiment with changing the Experience level in PB from Advanced to Intermediate, but it added more base than I wanted (SSB HV I and II). Maybe if I had selected an even earlier start date it would have truncated base, but PB still planned full length build and specialty phases, whereas I was trying to preserve base and build, and truncate specialty.

Anyway, just wanted to share in case anyone else is trying to figure out how to insert a recovery week while using PB and AT. YMMV.

Not ideal, but inserting a “Time Off” annotation may be a way to leave a week open, that allows you to manually add whatever you want for recovery week workouts.

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Quick question! My plan is suggesting some adaptations. I get a prompt to accept or not. I know some of my levels are off because I haven’t been getting credit for outside workouts. Eg my endurance is 3.2 but I’ve done a fair few 150km (up to 190km cycles).

Can I accept certain adaptations and ignore others? And how would I go about doing that? :sweat_smile:

No, there is not a way to accept / deny specific adaptations. It’s “all or nothing” at the moment.

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Cheers Chad. I’ll decline so.

If I go off piste and swap in other workouts, boosting my levels back up to where I think they should be, will it trigger subsequent adaptations downstream, or, am I just messing everything up.

P.S. Excuse all the questions. I’ve read the entirety of both AT threads but seem to have retained nothing :rofl:.

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No sweat on the questions. There’s LOTS of info around here and not much is documented in the FAQ’s or places for easy reference.

We have lots of willing helpers around here to try and handle these questions and get people moving in the right direction :smiley:


I’ve bookmarked the FAQ :+1:. I’ve some reading to catch up on it seems :grin:.

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