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I’m in a similar boat. I can have two different VO2max workouts that are the exact same level, but one I can’t finish because of longer intervals. It seems that as soon as I go into that zone I’m just not able to sustain it for the same amount of time as others.

Maybe I just don’t like putting myself through agony any more. I definitely don’t treat the taste of blood after a workout as any sort of victory now!


Nate talks about AT on this weeks Nerd Alert podcast


What do the cups signify please?

New power records. X amount of power for Y amount of time.


That was not what I thought you were referencing at all. :joy:

I just thought you had been a victim of autocorrect and it said cups instead of pics. I call them trophies.

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Yeah, I wondered if it might be that aspect. Cups, trophies, awards, medals etc etc. Whatever you call them, they’re generally a good sign!

Related, adaptations worked out really well for me today. TR had dropped today’s workout to a much easier session than had been planned… which I was happy with as I felt rough going in. Once I’d warmed up I felt pretty strong, so I decided to extend the second of the two intervals, and set a number of (post injury) records.

I’m particularly happy with that as I now weigh ~8kg less than when I set those records originally. Not so great is that now I’ve got a harder session adapted in for Saturday, but hopefully I’ll get through it.

I am in the beta, six weeks into a plan, no recomended changes. I like to follow chads plans as closely as possible. I am with TR 8 years , AT has made little or now difference to me. I do like seeing the grading/levels of session though.


I wonder if it really only changes the training plan if you struggle with the workouts. It seems to me from reading the blogs many people struggle with the workouts in the plans.

It does not. Watch my videos above. I’ve been rating my SSB1 hv plan workouts as moderate and I get adaptations bumping up my progression score. It’s not huge but I haven’t been scaled backed since I haven’t struggled to finish any in almost 3 weeks

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How long have you been using AT?

Don’t mistake what it does or doesn’t do with it being or not being machine learning. Machine learning is also not artificial intelligence, nor is it algorithms like you are suggesting. Trainerroad has been as clear as possible with stating what it does and how it works without giving away too much proprietary information. Because it doesn’t do all the things you want it to do does not mean they have been misleading, just perhaps you misunderstood. Machine learning is intended to do very specific things. If you’d like a pretty good simple explanation, check out this video


Don’t think I do :slight_smile:

My critique was about them not disputing the wild assumptions about what AT can do right now that you sometimes see in these threads here. People have inflated expectations what the AT functionality does for them because they (i) confuse future plans and current capabilities and (ii) have unrealistic expectations about ML in general. My request was for TR to communicate clearly what it does right now (not 5 years from now).

And yes, ML is good at image recognition, but that’s not the application here.

Not sure what you mean here. The applications of a single, let’s say neural network, are always specific, but the methodology itself can be applied to almost anything.


Brill, @dooverylittle thanks, that helps a lot

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That is a very entertaining and informative video. TFS

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I am on the Beta. Where do I find the levels?

You can see them in calendar view or click on the workout and it will tell you the level.

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Jonathan was also recently on The Cycling Podcast - Service Course. Episode is called Robocoach.Service Course — The Cycling Podcast

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@bnied @Nate_Pearson Is there any update on this?


Thanks. I have found them now.

Is that for everyone or just those on the Beta? I am not on the Beta and I am not sure I can see the levels