🎉 🎉 🎉 Introducing Adaptive Training! 🎉 🎉 🎉

You can delete them, mark it as “time off”, or just don’t do them.


3/4% of 400 is 12-16

So for my ftp it’s 12- which at threshold after 20 minutes is an important amount :joy:

Can use power match but over summer it’s easier to have my bike with the PM being used outside with my cross bike on the turbo. First world problem I know but just wondering is all.


Custom workouts will have AT levels assigned to it by launch.

As of now, it’s only Plan Builder plans, but “ad-hoc” plans will have it in the next couple weeks.

“non-plans” won’t have it, but if there is a big outcry for it we can look into doing that.


I think the point that hasn’t been answered is if this is going to be days, weeks, months, years!

Totally appreciate that you can’t give guarantees, but do you expect the majority of people to have access in days, weeks, months etc?

At the moment people know “how” you are going to roll it out… but not “when”.

No, but that’s definitely on the list. The best way to do this would be to click on alternates and select 45 min. That will bring up the correct 45 min workout.

I suspect we’ll let you add how much time you have to train each day, then start doing time adjustment based on that.

Note: Just because you say you have 5 hours doesn’t mean we’ll give you a 5 hour ride.


Yes and No.

We do have our FTP prediction give some people higher FTP predictions on lower volume plans (but not all people). That part isn’t currently built into the plan builder flow. We need to do more validation of our prediction and increase accuracy.

There’s currently not micro intensity distribution built into AT. We think we need the qualitative survey data before we do that with ML (and we might need additional data like HRV or resting HR).

But…AT also reduces the intensity for most people out of the box. When you’re in that natural “hard” or occasional “very hard” on your hard days, and the easier days feel easier, you have a lower chance of getting broken down.

But…there are no guard rails in place if you wanted to put your three intense days back to back. We don’t stop you from doing that ATM but that’s definitely a goal.


What’s an “ad-hoc” plan?

Thanks so much for the response Nate! Fascinated to see how it’s going to work and can’t wait.

Follow up question. How does AT response to you straight up manually deleting workouts from a plan. Would it try to replace it for you? And would it consider them as ‘failed’ rides if you just don’t do them?

A training plan (specifically a Base, Build or Specialty phase) added via the “old” manual method, vs using the newer Plan Builder tool.

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And would a “non plan” be a self created plan using TR workouts and/or a self created plan using a mix of custom & TR workouts?

Please this



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Yes, 3-4% (12-16 watts in your case) would make a difference. (BTW, I thought you meant 3/4% = 0.75% = 0.0075.)

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This is me 100% of the time. It’s not a non-plan in reality, but my own custom plan.

Hi @Nate_Pearson. I had a recent ramp test where I unfortunately lost power connection at the end. Not sure how much longer I would have been able to hold on but at that point 30sec-1min makes a huge difference
I did not accept the new suggested ftp, but will I be able to “uncheck” or delete workouts like this so that it’s not “calculated” towards other workouts in the adaptive training?

Thank you!

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Sorry… last question. I’m looking at my iPhone app and can’t find it, how do I get the beta version ?

Join the TrainerRoad Beta Program to Get the Newest Features - TrainerRoad

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Sorry if already answered, but for the post-workout RPE survey… in the scenario that we turn down the workout because it was far too difficult and made it do-able what should the grade be? Based on what we turned it down to, or based on the fact that we had to turn it down so that would put it in the “very hard/all out” category? What if we completely turn down a z5 ride to z2 making it essentially easy, is the right answer here to say it was an easy workout?

It might be nice if there was an on/off switch that lets you decide wether or not AT includes it. I understand the survey solves that problem in most cases but in some edge cases like yours, survey might be skipped?