Intervals not starting/ stopping on time

When I am using my Kicker Snap trainer in Erg mode doing a working. My resistance will sometimes start/ stop 3 or 4 seconds before or after an interval actually starts. My power numbers are also very sporadic even when in Erg Mode. Any thoughts?

Happened to me two, maybe three times. When TR support looked into it, there was a lot of bluetooth disconnects and reconnects. I repositioned laptop, and that solved issue. Since then I’ve switched to using my phone

I have a 2017 Kickr (not Snap), and have experienced another issue. I first noticed it on Zwift, and once on TR (during Ramp Test!). At random times, my Kickr would increase resistance to 600+ watts. So if I was pedaling along at 220 watts, out of nowhere the resistance would jump to 600 or 800 watts. After reporting to Wahoo, I learned the Kickr uses an optical sensor and changes in light (shadows from overhead light, sunlight thru door, etc) will impact the sensor. Sure enough, once I put a black mat on the garage floor the problem went away.


Interesting. I have zero issues with zwift. I use both at the same time. Both are connected via Ant+ With 2 separate Ant+ Dongles. I also have a USB extension cable running back sitting right next to the trainer.

Thanks for chiming in, @bbarrera! Good tips, indeed.

@sjanes9, if you continue to have issues with your KICKR Snap and TR in ERG mode, our Support Team would definitely like to hear from ya, and we’ll troubleshoot further from there. We can be reached at

Thanks Alex, Already sent a request.

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@sjanes9 Yes, my previous setup was MacBook Pro with Garmin ANT+ dongle. Logged a couple months on Zwift before doing a TR trial, and I ran both at the same time for a couple months before dropping Zwift. While I said Bluetooth dropouts in previous post, they were actually ANT+ dropouts.

I didn’t notice any delays to starting or ending an interval, although Zwifting was mostly free riding. After dropping Zwift, everything was working fine on TR until I experienced the a couple of delays starting and finishing during a workout. It didn’t happen on all the intervals of that one workout, just a couple. TR support had me uninstall/reinstall, and put ANT+ dongle on extension cable. Then a couple months later it happened a second time, and since I wasn’t using Zwift or Garmin Edge 520 it seemed better to just drop the laptop/ANT+ dongle and go to using iPhone app and Bluetooth. Since then I haven’t seen the issue. For what its worth, hope that helps.

Somewhat off topic, but for completeness I’ll mention the optical sensor issue started on Zwift and continued with Zwift+TrainerRoad, and then on TrainerRoad alone. This was resolved by putting Kickr on black mat, and turning off garage overhead lights.

@Alex Be aware.

@bbarrera I checked out your device data. You had a lot of dropouts with a power device of ANT ID 31536

For instance, this ride had 63 dropouts!

It’s probably either:

I see a total of 6 rides with lots of dropouts, all on that device. Since your HR strap looks good but your power device doesn’t it makes me think that it’s a battery issue.

I’m sure support is helping you out too but this should also help.

That ride is private. How can we see our own connection data? Can I see my dropouts?

@Nate thanks, and yup that was the ride back in March that had dropout issues and delayed start to a few intervals.

The problem - I had the ANT+ adapter plugged into the side of my MacBook Pro, sitting on a metal table next to my trainer in the garage. The battery on Stages was fine.

The fix - putting the ANT+ adapter at the end of a USB extension cable, and hanging near crank.

The ultimate fix - switched to running TR app on my iPhone, because I stopped paying for Zwift and didn’t need ANT+ anymore.

You can’t currently see your own connection data. Even TR support agents don’t have a good way to see it. We just got it into our database and I’m using a dashboarding tool to check it out.

Our plan is to auto detect spikes in dropouts and help the person fix the issue right there.