Kickr resistance isn’t changing in ERG mode

Title pretty much sums it up. As a workout progresses the resistance doesn’t change at all, even as the displayed watts go up/down. Changing the % doesn’t make any difference.

If I switch to resistance mode and move that around the resistance underfoot changes appropriately, so I know the kickr is capable of providing resistance.

I’ve unplugged and restarted everything multiple times, don’t have any other Bluetooth devices nearby, no fans running, and it looks like the kickr firmware is up to date.

Does anyone have suggestions/advice?


Sorry to hear you’re running into some trouble with your KICKR. Do you happen to know if this is still happening when you use the KICKR with another training app or bike computer?

That info will help us determine if it’s a problem with TR or if the KICKR itself isn’t functioning properly.

test Run it using the Wahoo’s app on your phone.

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It works just fine with the Wahoo app.


Sorry for the delayed response here – if you check your Bluetooth settings, are you able to see if the KICKR itself has connected to your phone’s Bluetooth? Sometimes training devices will connect to your phone/computer instead of the app, which can cause problems like this.

If it does happen to connect to your phone’s Bluetooth, go ahead and try disconnecting it from your phone’s Bluetooth Settings page, and then try reconnecting it to the TR app.

If that’s not the case, please let us know and we can continue to troubleshoot.

Same issue: no erg with TR on Kickr. I’ve restarted both phone and kickr several times, removed every device that’s wifi enabled from the area (even HR monitor) except for my phone and kickr . TR pairs and registers cadence (wind-down calibration seems to have worked) but simply won’t engage with erg. Basically spent most of the day trying to do a ramp text, so v. frustrated.

I hear your frustration! Mine finally started working again, and I’m actually not sure what made the difference. I don’t think it was any of the things you mentioned above. I did re-pair my kickr with the wahoo app and redid the calibration there. I will also note that while mine seems to be functioning now the changes in resistance are not nearly as abrupt/crisp/noticeable as they used to be- sometimes the only way I really know the resistance is going up is by watching my heart rate. Sorry if this isn’t super helpful. Hope someone else has good advice.