Kickr v5 slow to ramp up resistance

I broke my arm back in September and picked up a Kickr Core used from a guy in town to stay in shape while I couldn’t ride outdoors.

I really liked it and decided I want to continue using a smart trainer ( and trainer road) even though I’m all healed up. So, I bought a new Kickr v5. Not having to calibrate is nice and I like the new feet on the concrete floor in my garage.

One thing I’ve noticed compared to the core though is that it is very, very slow to ramp up resistance from 0 watts in erg mode. I can sometimes spin for 30 seconds or more before it starts to add watts. There’s no delay once it’s already going (ie ramping up from 200 to 300 watts). This is kind of annoying if I ever need to spin backwards after an interval or stand up to stretch my legs out. The watts go to zero and then it might take 45 seconds to get it to come back up to the target watts.

I’m on the latest firmware. I’m wondering if this is being caused by the auto calibration or do I have something set incorrectly. Has anybody else experienced this? It’s definitely different behavior than the kickr core.

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I’d suggest you contact the support with this.
They will want to know how you connect (Bluetooth(/ANT+), may want to know the system you connect to (iPad, Android, Mac, Windows). Also, it might be worthwhile to check if its an issue with TrainerRoad only of if for example Zwift or GoldenCheetah are affected as well.

If you have a Wahoo, Garmin, you may also try with these and configure workouts on them.

Good luck!


That isn’t normal behaviour in my experience. My kickr usually reaches the setpoint in erg mode within 2-3 seconds.


After doing some testing, it appears to be caused by turning on speed simulation. I never used that setting on my kickr core but had turned it on when setting up the kicker. I turned it off since I train in erg mode anyways and it started behaving “normally”.