Sudden problem - Kickr Snap/ERG/Powermatch

I have been using TR with the same configuration for at least the last year without any issue. Suddenly since Tuesday while doing intervals, my Kickr Snap seems very sluggish to control the power in ERG mode to match the prescribed power in the TR workout. At the beginning of the interval, it makes me ride much harder than I should, and especially in a short VO2Max interval, there isn’t enough time to settle in to the correct power. After the interval, it drops down way too far and takes a long time to recover and settle to the new power.

I have not changed ANYTHING in my configuration, no updates for any of the components, neither software nor firmware. No dropouts, batteries are not the problem. Tried disconnecting the individual sensors, restarted every device, even removed and re-paired sensors.

Doing a relatively flat workout like Pettit has no problem, but as soon as bigger power changes are required between intervals, the issues become evident.

Hardware setup:

  1. Kickr Snap v1 - not set up in Wahoo app to be controlled by ANT+ powermeter
    ERG mode power smooting ON in Wahoo app. Spindown done.
  2. Garmin Vector 3 pedals - properly set up, zero’ed and batteries fine.

Device setup in TrainerRoad running on iPadOS or iOS - all sensors connected via Bluetooth:

  1. Kickr Snap only used to control power. Powermatch ON, ERG mode ON
  2. Garmin Vector 3 as power source and cadence.
  3. Tickr Fit as HR sensor

My usual tracing:

Tracing for the last two days showing delayed adjustment to power change:

If anyone has experienced this and found a solution, please let me know. As I mentioned, nothing has changed on my side. One day it was fine, the next it started doing this. Is it my indoor trainer? Bluetooth issue?