automatic intervals detection for outside rides PLs?

This may be a feature request. As most of you know detects automatically intervals in your either structured or unstructured rides. It would be great if TR might get that information to create automatically a TR workout that adjusts to your actual ride. That way outside unstructured rides could be adapted to the PL scheme. Of course you can do it manually but it may be a cumbersome task for long rides with many random intervals.


Will pass it along :slight_smile:


On a loosely related note, TR used to have an interval “search” function that would analyse an external ride and find how many times (and where) you had ridden above an average of x watts for a specified duration. That function seemed to be removed some time ago (at least I can’t find it anymore) and I wonder why?

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Intervals detection leaves a lot to be desired, it can cope with steady and sudden changes in power but if you’ve got accelerations in an otherwise steady ride it’ll detect all sorts of meaningless intervals.

What you are asking is Workout Levels v2: take random (or not so random) outside ride, extract meaningfully stimulated energy zones and assign corresponding Progression Levels to them. TR has struggled couple years to implement it. There are hidden corner cases that make it harder than it seems, TR as company certainly would not drag this project just for fun :slight_smile:

Not sure about wider user base but while waiting for WLv2, syncing planned workouts from and assigning PL to it could be good enough, i.e. same as syncing planned workouts from TrainingPeaks.

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Maybe … but I still think it is the best available right now. Plus Intervals has made it super easy to add a long interval and then split it at the surges / accelerations.

GoldenCheetah interval detection is so much better. And it’s free. Been around longer than Intervals.