Interesting Aero Testing Video Series - Velodrome and Wind Tunnel

This has just turned up on YouTube. I’m not sure how similar overall the velodrome portion is to what the TR boys went through, but pretty.

Part 1 at the velodrome

Part 2 in the wind tunnel

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I suspect the TR session will be or at least show a little more of the science side of things and also have far less facial hair.

If you are referring to the proposed TT video, it got canned. Per Jonathan from the FB group:

We made the tough decision to scrap the video project. To make a long story short, video production is extremely costly and we made some changes to how we handle video production as a company mid-project. We took a hard look at the project and realized it wasn’t a justifiable expense to put out the video, especially considering we had already communicated all of the information and knowledge we had gained through the podcast.

I responded to this with pictures on Reddit here:…/the_great_time_trail_video/

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Thanks Chad. I kinda figured at this point and that makes sense.

I would hope that in the future they’ll anticipate this and even approach the production from more of a “vlogging” angle. Cheaper, faster and it can be a little more “raw” than full-on, hours in editing room type content.

Maybe even invite some guest vloggers to do it for them? Could’ve been cool to have Mark Ferguson (the artist formerly known as Cycling Maven) meet them at Kona for a few days of riding or bring Tyler Pearce (THE Vegan Cyclist) along to the Clif camp, etc.

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