Did Nate, Chad & Jonathan do a TT documentary?

I’ve been catching up with some of the TT related podcasts from 2018.
A few times it was mentioned that there was going to be a documentary made about Time Trialling.
Was this ever done and released?

It wasn’t. I think they said they got a lot of footage but as their priorities changed from a marketing perspective they couldn’t justify the cost of video production. Could be remembering incorrectly so someone please say so if that’s not what happened.

That is correct. Below is the original post from Jonathan addressing this:

"Hey guys, Jonathan here.

We made the tough decision to scrap the video project. To make a long story short, video production is extremely costly and we made some changes to how we handle video production as a company mid-project. We took a hard look at the project and realized it wasn’t a justifiable expense to put out the video, especially considering we had already communicated all of the information and knowledge we had gained through the podcast.

I responded to this with pictures on Reddit here: https://old.reddit.com/r/trainerroad/comments/9emibi/the_great_time_trail_video/ "

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Ok. That’s a shame but understood.
Would have been a great marketing tool for TR though.