Anyone interested in trading homemade cycling videos?


I have recorded maybe 50h of cycling near home using a GoPro Hero 7 black (pretty smooth now with the Hypersmooth magic) which I am using as entertainment during the grim winter months here in Sweden.
It’s a mix between road bike on roads with few cards and MTB, mostly on gravel roads. Most of them are done using TR outside workouts so the speed will obviously vary a bit. Mostly recorded in sunny weather :slight_smile:

Sure, I could probably just share a link here, but then MS would probably suspend my Onedrive account. So I thought, maybe some other people have done the same thing and might be interested in some form of trading?
For me, I’d like to see something else than the roads nearby as well.

Anyone interested? 1:1 trading, or what’s reasonable? I’m open for suggestions.

This is a cool idea. Especially for those who prefer to have something more visual to look at during their workouts.

How about a Youtube channel? You could upload them there and share on the forum.

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I thought about that as well, but on the other hand, there’s already hundreds of channels out there already.
Also, there may, or may not, be some… let’s say greyish legal behaviour here and there :stuck_out_tongue:

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You can still put videos on youtube, but mark them private so they aren’t discoverable by searching. To view them you need a direct link. You can then just share the video links in a shared document or via email or whatever.

My wife has done this for a bunch of videos shes made of our daughter doing gymnastics (for the family) and instructional videos for classes she teaches (lots of remote learning, because 2020)

If you’re interested in cx, I’ve got most of my last few years of races in my channel all public, but of course they’re fairly short.

Good tips! However, the files are on Onedrive now so I can just share them from there, then people can download or stream.

Is it CX as in carry bike on shoulder? Sounds a bit too intense to watch while doing sweet spot perhaps, but if it’s a bit more calm, absolutely :slight_smile:

I skimread the title and was interested concerned for a moment… :rofl:

Like homemade cycling videos or what? :smiley:


I just saw ‘homemade videos’ to begin with… :rofl:

I actually think it’s quite a good idea in all seriousness. May have to get a helmet cam.

I think that a helmet cam would cause too much movement, unless your head is VERY still all the time. At least for me, I would probably get sea sick.
With the new GoPros, the stabilization is so good, mounting the camera directly on the handlebar will produce great videos.

Actually, mounting it on the helmet is better than on the bars with regards to image stabilisation. The heads acts like a natural gimbal, otherwise we would all get sea sick all the time!

I agree, but I disagree in this particular situation. I can only speak for myself, but I would NOT want to watch a helmet camera video as a distraction while doing TR workouts. For me, it must be as static as possible and pretty much follow the road/path.

I had the same idea this past summer and put a camera on my bike. I just got around to making the videos and uploading to Youtube. Here is the link for anyone who wants to watch them.

Made a video of one of my favorite gravel routes this fall. Even added data overlays… Thanks for crating this thread and giving me an opportunity to share;)

fellow canadian = automatic sub!

this is unlimited content…not mine…but a channel i use myself for cycling/training

Thanks Philippe, much appreciated

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