INTENSITY Change Impact to AI Plans?

I just want to say… TR Adaptive Plans are… AMAZING. :slight_smile: Today’s De Langle VO2Max workout was just what the doctor ordered. It somehow knew the mix and timing of VO2Max surges, sustained SweetSpot efforts, and recovery, that I needed.

It ended with 20 mins at a level that was too easy. I increased the intensity to 105%. That felt better for the final endurance effort.

When you adjust the intensity, say for the cooldown, to, say, 120%… Then the visual of the plan -vs- actual power makes it look like you were WAY under the planned wattage for the entire ride. Even though you nailed it.

QUESTION: Does TR think you couldn’t complete the workout at the prescribed power in that case? Or is that just an artifact of the visual line graph adjusting everything rather than just that cooldown section?

SUGGESTION: Improve the graphic so that the line graph changes when you change the intensity dial. Leave the prior data as-is… so you visually see that you did meet the workout’s plan.

  • That short term visualization when using the Workout Intensity adjustment does NOT impact any portion of the workout prior to that. It “looks” bad or out of sync, but there is absolutely no change to how TR interprets the workout based on what you “see” in that instant.

  • If you look at the completed workout, you will see the planned workout blocks shown at 100% intensity. If you adjusted the Workout Intensity and performed higher or lower, you can see that in your actual power graph results (yellow lines) as well as the “Target Power” shown in green lines.

  • No.
  • Yes.

Thanks for the insight!

Most Z2 efforts aren’t designed to drain you, and you should feel like you can do more.

If you do this regularly, you may eventually find yourself struggling on subsequent workouts. Save a little in the tank so you’re more fresh for the next one.

Some workouts are designed to push you to failure - typically the anaerobic repeats.