TR nuked my endurance, is there a way to fix it?

I got endurance -2.3 as a result of basically canceling a 2 60-70% rides and doing a 3h z2 ride instead, I also ignored the sprint intervals in Guilmet because I wasn’t really paying attention to my phone, also took a break of about 10 minutes after 2 hours to make some food. I rode the whole ride about 50 - 70W above the target zone which is for me a high z2.

So now the adaptive training is turning down all my 1h rides from ~4 to ~1.5, which is a bit of a joke since the 1h rides are very easy and not all that mentally tough.

I was hoping that I could either tell my calendar to fix the ride so that the adaptive would stop nuking my future rides, or find a way to approve adaptations one at a time when using the PC app. Ideally the first option because honestly 3h on the trainer was definetly more of a credit to my fitness than a detriment.



Just do an endurance ride at a suitable level and it should readjust. Easy peasy.

And/or send an email to


Choose an alternate you next endurance workout for the level you want. The rest will adjust from there.

Just over ride AI and choose hard workouts

Phew I was worried for a minute it’d be about real world endurance being nuked.


I can’t imagine who in TR would push the button?




Thanks, I didn’t realize it worked like this.

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