Intensity at start of interval

In Lion rock it say go all out for the first 15 seconds before the main interval but the power it asks for is only 150% of ftp. Should I push beyond that if I can or should I limit it to just the 150% ftp?

i’d stick to 150…that’s a lot as is and anything more may make it hard to complete the interval. what is remainder of interval?

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4 mins at 95% FTP. For some reason I find this workout the easiest of the hard ones.

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I’m the same way. I prefer to do these workouts outdoors actually (sprinting on a trainer is nonsense).

I usually try to start the intervals with a decent jump of at least 800 watts for a few seconds, then for the remainder of the 15, keep it at 150%.


Oh good to know, yes that makes sense.

yeah 150% sound perfect then. Good luck!