Garmin Fenix 5 - TrainerRoad

Hello everyone!

I use a Garmin Fenix 5 for running, riding and just general activity monitoring.

What would be the best way to not create duplicate workouts when using both TrainerRoad and the Fenix 5.


When riding indoors, i select indoor ride on my Garmin watch. When I’m complete with the ride, i discard it, not save it. The intensity minutes come across and i get credit for them. I then save the TR activity.


Thanks for the quick reply, that actually seems like the proper solution :wink:

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I use the Fenix 5 to broadcast my HR so that TR picks it up and don’t bother running an activity on the watch itself. My TR syncs with GC so the ride data goes across that way.


I don’t run any activity on my garmin head units or watch when running TR.

I just run the app and then it syncs to my garmin account and strava, as I have ride sync set up in my TR profile.

As above, you should be able to broadcast HRM via ant+ from the watch without starting an activity

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The problem with the watch is that it only broadcasts over ant+ and without the dongle it does not connect to TR. You’re in over $70 for the dongle to connect via phone or tablet. To save the money and take credit for the intensity minutes, just discard the activity and not save it to GC.

Ok, I’m with you. My android phone has built in Ant+ as well as Bluetooth which is why I don’t have that particular issue.

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Wow, that’s sweet! Wish Apple would get on board with that!

Pretty sure I only paid £10 for mine!

But anyway, I also broadcast the HR from my FR235 to TR.

A Bluetooth chest heart rate monitor may be the easiest option and means you don’t need the garmin at all. it still imports and you get the intensity minutes

Agreed, this is what I do. I find my Fenix 5’s wrist heart rate is pretty much useless on the bike.


You don’t need to be in an activity mode to get intensity minutes, it takes that from HR readings.

hope this a good place to add this fenix5x question. I can see on the GC app all my trainer road rides but none of them sync to my watch. This means that my training status widget is telling me that i am detraining because i have only used the watch once for a run since purchasing it. I don’t want to record the sessions on my watch and double up because it shows up in GC as part of intensity minutes and weekly data.

Is there a way for these rides to show up in the watches data calculations. its a bit annoying that it says i am detraining when i am actually doing 6.5 hrs a week on the trainer

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I have two accounts. One for the f5 where I log all my swim, bike and run and another one for my edge and TR where I log only cycling.

So does that mean you take it if when your not using it ie your other account

I record the rides on my Garmin, then delete the duplicate TR ride from GC, which is slightly annoying, but does ensure the correct load and recovery statistics.

I wish there was a one-way sync option between Garmin and TR.

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So do I. I might for that from now on. Night be there same when u three issues with my edge810

Guess another option might be that I unlink TR from GC then I don’t need to delete the ride from GC every time

If you have Physio True Up enabled in GC, then rides from the 810 should show up on the Fenix.

I have chosen to keep TR and GC linked, so that outside rides (and the TSS from them) show up in the TR calendar. If this isn’t a priority for you, then unlinking would save some hassle.


Not sure if I got your question correctly but I, basically, have double records of all my indoor and outdoor rides.

I have my power meter paired with my F5 where I log everything related swim bike and run. That is my main account that I also have paired my vivomove that I use to work.

The second account is cycling specific and I only have TR(for the indoor stuff) and my edge(for the outdoor stuff) paired to it.

This is how my setup looks:
Indoor: F5+V3 via Bluetooth // kicker+TR via Bluetooth
Outdoor: F5+V3 via Bluetooth // V3+Edge520 via ant+

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I think that true up works only for HR, steps and data that devices collect “passively”. I don’t think it works as a cloud for workouts.