Instructional Text Issues

Anyone having issues with instructional text not staying disabled in the Windows app? Historically I’ve always had mine disabled (sorry Chad!) but in the past few weeks it’s started to come on every time I start a workout, even though it’s disabled in the settings prior to starting the workout.

Have logged it with Support but they can’t replicate it. Have uninstalled the app, deleted the TR appdata folders and reinstalled, as suggested by Support, which fixes it for the first workout after reinstalling, but as soon as I close TR and go back in the same things happens. I open TR, check settings from main menu and instructional text is disabled. Load the workout, check settings again from 3 dots in top right corner of the workout and instructional text is still disabled. Start the workout, check the settings again and instructional text is now enabled. If I leave it enabled at this point it will still be enabled the next time I open TR but if I disable it in the workout it will show as disabled the next time I open TR but only until I start the workout, at which point it has turned itself back on.

I can live with it as it’s only a case of disabling it once I’ve started the workout but curious if it’s just me or if others are seeing the same thing?

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Not exactly the same issue, but I will use the opportunity to mention a similar issue I experienced on iOS: Sometimes the instructional text will be displayed at the same time as the interval changes, so both elements are displayed (example: Tempo 2, and “Let’s ramp it up a little bit…”) so the instructional text is hard to see and it sometimes goes away before the interval change widget dissapears.

@Chilliflavour How strange!

I just tested this out, and I was able to reproduce the issue you are reporting on the desktop app only.

Specifically, I have found that disabling Instructional Text will only consistently “stick” if you go to Settings from the Workout Player once the Workout has started. Once you have disabled it from Settings in the Workout Player (once the Workout has started) for one Workout, it should be disabled for all subsequent Workouts.

Alternatively, if you do this from the Settings tab on the left side of the app, I have found that it will not stick, and you will have to disable Workout Text for each individual Workout once the Workout has started. To disable Workout Text:

  • Start the Workout
  • From the Workout Player, go to the three-dot menu in the top right corner (see screenshot below)
  • Click Settings and toggle “Show Instructional Text” to grey to disable.

I am going to write up a bug report so that the team can look into this. Thank you so much for reporting this, Paul!

@juanjorogo Aaaah yes, I hear ya. I will raise this with the team! Thanks for the suggestion!


Same issue has arisen for me in the last week.

Makes no difference if I disable before, during or after the workout.

Only lasts for that particular session, then when I open a new workout it’s back.

Guess it’s a minor update bug of some me description.

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I’m having the same issue as the original poster. Disabling instructions from the player only turns them off for the rest of the TR session (i.e., if I start a second workout without quitting). if I quit TR and start a workout again the instructions are enabled again.


@SarahLaverty Glad you’ve been able to replicate the problem but I can’t get that setting to stick. I disable it in the settings from the workout player once the workout has started but the next time I open TR and start a workout the instructional text is enabled again and I have to go back into settings in the workout player and turn it off.

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I can confirm experiencing the same issue.

Minor but frustrating issue.

Thank you for letting us know, the team is aware of the bug, and we’ll be sure to provide an update here as soon as the fix is released. Thanks for your patience!


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