TR Workout Instructions

Hello everybody,

I am using TR on my windows pc. I like the content of the workout instructions but hate the motivational part of it. I need to suffer on my own :smiley:

Is there a way how to permanently turn of those instructions? Nearly all the time I start a workout those instructions are active again.

Nevertheless I like the content of those instruction like those single leg drills. Is there a way how to read the text before the training?

Yes, open the Settings in the TR app, and turn off “Show Instruction Text”.

This screen shot is from Android mobile, but its mostly the same in PC.

Problem is that it turns on again as I restart the app. I think it happens after installing an update. Since I am using only the low volume Plan I experience this nearly always.

Ahhh, ok. I suggest emailing about that then.

I know that some settings are “sticky” and remembered between app updates. Perhaps this setting isn’t one of them? If so, letting them know would be a good thing.

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Thank, that’s what I will do :slight_smile:

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Also, I know this is not a “solution” in reality, but a hack you may be able to use is the keyboard shortcut.

If you have a keyboard in reach, the ‘W’ key will toggle workout instructions On/Off. I am not sure if this is “sticky” either, but it’s a lot faster than having to dig into the Settings each time.

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Interesting, the setting is ‘sticky’ on my MacBook. I turned them off earlier this year and they haven’t come back even with several udpates since.



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Had workout instructions on just for fun. It got not fun within 5s