Bug fix/Feature request - workout text on/off indicator

To me this is a bug, but probably falls in the feature request category. Can TR please add an indication in the app UI that tells when workout text is on or off, and if there is workout text that accompanies the workout?

Several times now, I’ve missed the first section of workout text because I had it turned off from the last workout (which is a sticky setting, apparently) and didn’t know there was text to see. Similarly, I’ve spent the first few minutes of a workout banging on the W key trying to see the text that was supposed to be there, but may or may not have been. There have been a few workouts that stated there was text in the description, but I could never get it to display.

Something like a toggle button for workout text near the erg/resistance button on the UI (I use the banner overlay at the bottom of the screen on MacOS) with an indication of the possible states - workout text present and displayed, workout text present and not displayed, workout text not present.