Guided Workouts - Improve Text Display

After 4 years of using TR to get faster, successfully, I am disappointed that one of the unique and potentially best features of TR still needs improving to make it truly useful. I refer to Chad’s coaching text. it is a speck of gold dust that TR offers, but does not quite deliver. What irks me is that it is so difficult to capture everything that is being said when it pops up in such short phrases. Miss a few seconds of looking at the screen and you lose the target cadence or the purpose of the next interval. To carve up long sentences into several screens of a few words each makes it far more difficult to follow than it should be. Surely it is time to improve this?

The suggestions have already been made - rolling text, spoken text, either would be a massive improvement on the current inadequate arrangemenmt! I imagine the difficulty is as much protection of IPR as it is technical, but whatever, it’s time this was fixed!


it would be nice if it was… customizable? font size, location, etc. even a little ding sound to let me know when something is on screen after a period of no comments. Sometimes I just want to put my head down and focus – but then I miss something.

one thing I noticed as a side-note, is that the text feels gigantic on my iPad compared to on my Macbook.

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  • There is an option in place for this already. It makes a noise after a period of no messages.

who knew! forums FTW! :slight_smile:

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Spoken text for the win! Can we also pick different characters like on a GPS unit? :joy:
Thunder, Honey or Amber? You decide.
It does get annoying when you miss the text and you’re trying to complete the extra drills.

It doesnt look to me that spoken text will be a good option. Loud music listener when on TR so not an option to me. A loud beep after a period with no text could do it.

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If only you could hear it when you have music on! That would make a huge improvement.

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For me the text placement could be better. On my laptop the text is usually right on the break between blue workout / black background / FTP line. Just put it in the top half of the graph where very little is happening on most tempo /endurance workouts. Thanks

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