TrainerRoad - "Adaptive" Annotations - Frontloading before days off

Hi Team,

I had recently used the annotations for the first time as I was lucky enough to score some days off with my significant other. As it happend, our leave was supposed to start one week after the rest week scheduled in my Planbuilder training plan.

Before I inserted the leave days via annotations and had my plan recalculated, I was expecting that the software would find a suitable solution for a case like this, e.g. giving me the option of training for another week (instead of having a rest week before going on leave) and then considering the days off as “rest week”.

To my surprise, those annotations were just bluntly inserted into the training plan, without changing the logic of consecutive training blocks followed by rest weeks, which is why I had to manually adapt my whole training plan.

Therefore, I’m requesting the TrainerRoad Team to look into a more “adaptive” way of recalculating training plans after having inserted annotations, especially in case of holidays. The TrainerRoad blog offers some useful information on methods to cope with days off, e.g. proposing some “frontloading” action, and it would be great if the software would consider these tips too :wink:

Many thanks!

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Yes I agree, the way it handles time off is a bit useless, and coupled to that the old “push/pull” week functionality seems to have gone. I’ve had TR put a rest week directly after a week of leave where I had my bike and did some easy riding. I get that not all time off is recuperative and you wouldn’t necessarily want to treat it as a recovery week (which is what they’ve said before), but there should be a checkbox to say “treat as recovery week” or similar. It’s quite annoying.

Although you can now drag and drop workouts without breaking the link to PB, which does help somewhat.

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@IvyAudrain Sorry for pulling you into this conversation but I’m wondering if reworking the annotations is currently in the pipeline :slight_smile:

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+1 on this being a need/gap in the AT model.

No worries! I asked the team for clarification here and where we stand, which is that we’d need to apply a great deal of logic in determining what those options should be and whats best for each athlete/plan/scenario. Fingers crossed we have the bandwidth to work this into the roadmap sometime soon! Thanks for your patience. If you ever need a second opinion on how to deal with a rest week and rearranging your workouts, feel free to check in with us!