Injured rider. Inguinal hernia. I've done ssb1, ssb2 and 2 weeks left ssb1 again. What next?

So I’ve been waiting for surgery for quite a while. It was scheduled for January 29th but it did not work out. I jumped back into a repeat of ssb1 as I did not want to start anything that would be stopped by the surgery. Now I do not have a surgery date booked, I could be a few more months.

My biggest limitation is that I cannot get out of the saddle. I can pedal for hours seated but cant do anything standing at all as it puts way to much pressure on the hernia. I can ride quite a while seated. Longest day I’ve had is 11 hours in 14 hour period.

I fat bike in winter(not much now as its hard on the hernia and in the wrong position). I also do a lot of rode riding alone and with the local club along with some TT, crit and endurance races all on a cyclocross bike. I also did a 120km gravel race through the mountains of Alberta last year. As long as I stay seated I can ride.

I’m wondering what program I should move to after this ssb1 ends.

Thank you for any input.

I went through the same thing a year ago. Had successful surgery at the end of January 2017 and it took a little longer to recover than I originally hoped for. Started slowly in March of 2017 and by September I was back to what I would call 100%. My best advice would be to move to SSB2 just be careful and not push it to hard. Listen to the Doctor regarding recovery and don’t get back on the back too soon after surgery. Good Luck

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