Need Sauna Advice & Questions

@Nate_Pearson Looking to possilby purchase and indoor sauna for my house around March under $2K if possible for 2-3 people max capacity. I can run power to it but more than likely will be in basement area. Would build but dont have the time currently with work.

  • List item What do you all recommend brand wise that I can put together easily.
  • List item Are they really worth it?
  • List item What is your typical routine?
  • List item And any other advice can you give me?

Thanks in advance. Eric

While this doesn’t precisely answer your questions, I would recommend checking out this thread for some discussion surrounding saunas:


Thanks @Bryce. Was listening to some podcasts today (Leadville recap was quite funny) and remembered one a while ago mentioning it. At least I think as I have listened to a bunch of them. Excellent job all around.

Chad is the big sauna guy and has one has his house.

The sauna research seems to list too many benefits. Like…how could it help with heart failure or chronic fatigue…

But, I do believe is helps with heat adaption and improvements in racing/training in the hot or cold temps.

Plus, if you relax in them and lead a stressful life, well that might be worth the price right there.

We can look at it at even lower level, does it make you feel good? I doubt it’s doing you any harm (as long as you rehydrate).

Let us know if you get one and what you think of it.

In TrainerRoad 3.0 office I’d like to get a sauna.

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While I believe in the positive aspects of the saune I am pretty sure that (intense) Infusions create stress for the body.

Stress is not necessarily a bad thing - like training - one should have clear goals of a sauna bath and choose temperature and intensity of infusions accordingly. Similar to training you can achieve different effects by the intensity of sauna baths.