Educate me on barrel saunas

I’m thinking about getting a sauna, having read about the benefits to recovery and general health. We currently have a hot tub at our house but it’s quite old and probably not long left before it fails. It was here when we moved in, and to be honest we don’t use it a ton. However I think I would use the sauna more often, and I like that I wouldn’t be paying to keep it hot when not in use. I don’t have room in the house for a IR/indoor unit. I can use the existing pad where the hot tub currently is to fit the sauna and it would be under cover (under our deck). The various barrel kits are in the $5k range for a four person unit. Does anyone have one, what has your experience been with it, and any recommendations on brands of kits or heaters?

Slightly off subject, but if your hot tub is old enough, it may not be subject to the federal rule limiting the temperature to 104 F (40 C). That’s a keeper in my book. We have a relatively new one, and it’s little more than a hot bathtub. It is nice though to sit in the tub on a snowy night with your partner.

Hold on, ‘Murica, Land of the Free, has a law on the max temperature that one may operate a jacuzzi? Well blimey I wasn’t expecting that.

Re barrel saunas I was tempted myself but decided that the cost and time to heat an uninsulated sauna in northern Scotland would be unappealing. And insulated outdoor saunas from the likes of TimberIN are very expensive. (I’m considering sticking a small 1x1.6m sauna in my gear/laundry room. At least then you’re heating a small volume and ultimately your house.)

Yes, unfortunately. We also have an indoor sauna, which we can control the temp. We keep it at 177-178 F (~80 C).

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