Indoor training camp - the stars have aligned

I am a married father of four. Due to unbelievable circumstances next week, I will be “home alone” for 7-8 hrs every day for the entire week.

I am currently in the middle my base period (SSB 1 low vol). I feel that I should make good use of this opportunity. Therefore I will put together a mini indoor training camp for myself.

Any ideas on workouts to put in there? Should I focus on sweetspot workouts or should I perhaps just use one of the 8DC courses that already exist in the TR workout pool?


If that gift was given to me, at least one of those days would be a nice, epic outdoor ride in the hills/mountains. Don’t forget why we do this!


And after that epic outdoor ride in the mountains, some craft beer and :pizza:

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Ha! I live in Iceland and conditions for outside epicery are turning sour fast these days. :iceland::dash::cloud_with_rain:. Albeit I will be riding outside some.

Excuses, excuses! :laughing:

If outside epicery isn’t a realistic option, I probably would look at SSB Mid or High Volume 1, and add some of the rides (Petit, the longer weekend ride, et. al.) or substitute the longer mid-week rides for your normal SSB Low rides. You could also sit and spin two-a-day style for recovery, or load up some Zwift rides just for fun on the “off” days. No limits, I just wouldn’t blow myself up with a bunch of VO2 or Sprint stuff that you’re not adapted to right now.