Incrementing FTP every session

I always felt waiting til the end of a plan and doing a ramp test might not be the most efficient way to increase my ftp. For my current plan, Sprint triathlon base, I started with 260 and increased my ftp by just 1 every session. I’m now toward the end and at 270 and everything is going very well. Just wanted to share and also ask if many others have tried this?

I think I’d skip the ramp test and continue doing this with the next plan as well, as far as it’s working. Any drawbacks you guys think this might have over the ramp test method?

Cheers, Hamed

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Since posting that thread I’ve gone from
Jan 260W to
Feb 263W
March 265W.

So far so good. I’m a bit more conservative than you with my ramp. If my ftp is up 10-20W at the end of the year, it’s a big win for me.