Increasing FTP without new ramp test

I started getting serious training 2 weeks ago after a serious stint of depression / beer and pizza.
Used to have 290-300ftp, 2 weeks ago my test was at 250.

I’ve just got through the second week of base 1 and started with W3.
However it seems that everything is coming back faster than anticipated.
I have been doing the extended versions of most workouts and last week I did Antelope +3 @107%.

Today I did Carson +2 at 110%.

Would I be safe to just bump it up to 275~? It seems fairly reasonable as the 94% of Carson was at 262w and I didn’t really struggle.

Seems fine to me. I haven’t tested for my last two or three (small) FTP bumps. You can feel when the workouts are where they’re supposed to be and when they’re too easy.

I don’t really think you should be struggling to complete Carson, although likely ftp has increased. If you can do Mary Austin without feeling completely rooted afterwards that’s a sure sign your ftp has increased.

Upping your FTP is fine, but keep in mind that if your FTP is currently set correctly, then doing Antelope @110 and Carson @107 should be possible as they are both sweet spot shorish block intervals, and not every workout is designed to break you

Trying something at threshold of V02 with a high TS and that will give you a clearer idea … or just do another ramp test


Just do another ramp test prior to doing your next workout. Choose a shorter workout for after and do some mellow spinning between.

Treat the ramp test as a partial workout.

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